Monday, August 18, 2014

WHO Monday #b2s14

Before I head out the door for my first day back I wanted to link up with Blog Hoppin’ to share a little bit about me! Don’t get your hopes up, I’m not too exciting!

I’m 28, but feel every bit of 90! I’m a momma to two little beings. Miss P is my oldest. She just had her 6th birthday. She tried to convince us that it was really her 10th! She brings us a ton of laughter, has a huge heart for the Lord, and loves with her whole heart. She’s a trip!


Our littlest is Piercen. You can read his story here on Facebook. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have learned from his 11 pound body. He has red hair, white eyebrows, green eyes, and a smile that will melt your heart. He’s our angel baby.


This is my 6th year to teach 1st grade. I have taught both Pre-K and Third. I must say, 1st grade has my heart. There is just something about them that melts me in to one BIG puddle!

This past May, I received the honor of being our Campus Teacher of the Year as well as our District Elementary Teacher of the Year. The district gave me a free car!! I still can’t believe it’s true. We love it! My husband likes to drive it everywhere he goes! He tells me people stop him and congratulate him for winning DTOY. He smiles a huge cheesy grin and takes the credit! 


I am a lover of finding a good sale and shopping online in my jammies.


I have a problem with wearing non-matching clothes! I love to mix any and all patterns on myself as well as my priss! However, she is starting to pick out her own clothes and has inheritated my trait. It’s quite the outfit I tell ya!


I am also a lover of a good arm party! Here’s a few places that make me drool over their jewelry.

Slide3 Slide4 Slide5

[Bauble Bar] [Charming Charlie] [Love Always] and as of late [WalMart] … I blame that one on Babbling Abby!

I am always wishing I had more time to sit down and read a good book. When I do get a chance – these are a few of my very faves.

Slide8[Mended] [Chasing God] [What Women Fear] [Parenting the Way God Parents]

And some I can’t wait to start. Maybe one day when life slows down a bit.

Slide9 [Ties that Bind] [Give Them Grace] [Hands Free Momma]

And lastly, I’m married to this adorable man. Life took us down one scary and crazy road in January. I wouldn’t want to travel it with anyone other than him. His heart amazes me.


I’m off to start my first day back! If you’re headed back today, I’m wishing you the best! If you’re still on summer vacay – we can’t be friends right now.

 Week Overview

Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to School Giveaway [Part 1]

Can you believe summer is almost over? Where does the time go? I have 2 weeks before we head back. I am anxious to get back in the room and meet my new kiddos! I love the smell of fresh new supplies, the feeling of a clean and crisp folder, and the sound of all those summer stories being shared! Don’t get me wrong – I am still savoring every precious moment that I have left staying in my jammies until dinner time and snuggling with my babies.

Over the next 2 weeks, I plan to throw a few giveaways of things in my store. This week’s giveaway is my newest Back to School Math Centers that includes 10 math centers! I love these. They are super easy to prep and are perfect for review of Kinder and First Grade skills.



All you need to do is:



(click on the banners to take you to each link)









Leave a comment for each! I will choose a winner tonight at 10:00 pm (CST).

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Freebies!

I decided to change up my classroom theme this year. With all the changes in my personal life, I thought well why not just change up my classroom too!

Before we left for Houston to have our angel baby I began working on my room. I had most of everything decorated and just needed to set up the furniture when school starts. I felt so relieved knowing it was all decorated and ready to go…BUT THEN the painter’s decided to paint my room and take it all down! Deep breaths and lots of Dr. Peppers! So,…. I am starting over! Clean plate! Third times the charm right?!?

I will share more on my new room later, but for now I wanted to share a few freebies with you all. My number posters were in need of a major makeover, so I whipped up these! They include numbers 0 – 20.

Slide01You can download these for free by clicking below.  


  My room does not have a theme, just lots of random colors and patterns. I love not having a theme because anything I buy for my room finally matches!

It was also time for a new birthday display. I wanted something cute, colorful, and simple so I made this bunting banner.


I love how simple it is. All I have to do is clip on clothespins with my kiddos names and birth date. Slide1

  And before I go, I have to share a few pictures of my sweet babies with you all. We go back to Houston next week for more check up’s on Piercen’s hydrocephalus. Please keep praying for his healing.

 Slide1 Slide1

Sunday, August 3, 2014


I don’t know about y’all, but every year I say I am going to be more organized! I find all these fabulous organizational ideas and get super excited to start organizing, and then, school starts! All those things I wanted to organize quickly get thrown in a pile somewhere, and well, I’m sure you know what I am talking about!

I decided to start things off simple this year and organize all my binders first.


Nothing fancy, just simple and cute.


That’s one thing off my check list!

You can download these editable binder covers for free by clicking below!


Friday, June 13, 2014

What I'm Working On!

I'm linking up with Kindergals...two days late of course, to show you what I have been working on!

This post may look a little different - my computer is completely full and it will not let me get on Windows Live Writer to write this post, so I am using the old and faithful Blogger to write it! Bare with it.

We are finally starting to get Angel Baby's room put together. With all the doctor visits and school, it's been crazy trying to get it together. 
I am loving how it is turning out. My husband is big into hunting, so a deer head was a must for him. We still have a few more things to hang and put together. 
I usually go to the school over the summer to work on my classroom, but with the possibility of living at a hospital for 2 months changed things. Before I left school I started getting all my bulletin boards ready to go for next year. With all the changes our life has experienced these past 6 months, I decided to completely change the decor in my classroom. I have done Dr. Seuss for 5 years, so letting go was a bit hard...but good!! Time for something different! {Sorry for the fuzzy picture....}. 

We are scheduled to have our Angel Baby on June 18th! 5 more days! I have such a mixture of emotions going on. I am nervous, anxious, excited, scared....all at the same time! I am soaking up every last second with this big 'ol belly of mine. I wish he could stay in there forever so he wouldn't have to endure so many surgeries. Please keep praying for our angel. Every prayer means so much. You can follow his story here

And because I canNOT let my mind rest, I have been working on a Guided Reading Comprehension pack with games and activities. You can find it here
It has lots of guided reading response sheets, question cards, and game boards included. Can't wait to use them next year. 
And  there you have it. That's what I have been workin' on! Check out Kindergals to see what others have been up to! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Math-letes, Poetry and David Shannon!

We celebrated all that we have learned in Math this year with a MATH-LETE Day today! It was loads of fun and super busy! We played games and did a few crafts. Needless to say, I am pooped!

We started off by making our Mathlete hats and writing what our favorite thing about math is! I had lots of my kiddos pick basketballs for their hats, but footballs and baseballs were huge hits too!

Mathletes-17 Mathletes-18

You can download the hat template for free {here}.

We worked on writing and expanding our numbers with Count and Expand, and played Connect Four with partners. They loved this game!

Mathletes-19 Mathletes-20

We also made these fun Number Buddies to review the different ways to represent a number. I let each of my students choose 1,2, or 3 digits to create a number. They had to write and draw at least 10 different ways to represent their number.

Mathletes-21 Mathletes-22

All of these math activities came from my newest unit, Know Your Numbers. You can see a more detailed look here.

In reading, we are loving our David Shannon author study. We listened to a read aloud of A Bad Case of Stripes on Storyline Online. Afterwards, we identified the problems and solutions in the story and made a text to self connection by writing about a time that we were embarrassed.

Mathletes-15 Mathletes-16

Yesterday, we listened to David Shannon read aloud a clip from Too Many Toys on Scholastic and completed another text to self connection by writing about a time we had to clean out our toys.

Mathletes-14Apparently cleaning out your toys can be “drama mama unleashed”! Priceless.

We have also been super busy learning different types of poetry. We watched this Brain Pop Video to introduce the different types of poetry.

We made 5W poems, shape poems, and rebus poems. Mathletes-11

For our 5W poems, we read Secret Agent Splat, then wrote one line for each “W”. Who, What, When, Where, and Why. This is a wonderful way to summarize a story.

Mathletes-1Mathletes-12 Mathletes-13

We also did an autobiography poem where each line told something about us.  


We also Suited Up for 2nd Grade by writing about the things we have done this year to prepare for 2nd grade!

   Mathletes-9COPY Mathletes-10

Hard to believe we only have 2 more days, and I am seriously having meltdowns over my baby graduating from Kinder on Friday. If you know how to freeze time….please share!

Happy Hump Day friends!