Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gettin' fancy and some FREEBIES!

Hi y'all! 

Oh my Larry! Do you see what I see?!? Things are gettin' pretty fancy around here! The Cutest Blog on the Block did so good! 

I love it! The leopard print makes me all kinds of happy! 

To celebrate this new fanciness, I put a few fraction craftivities together for y'all. 

You can download them here

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Phonics made fun!

I am all about making phonics engaging and relatable. I mean, how many different sounds are in the English language? Too many for my adult brain to even get sometimes. I can't imagine how overwhelming it is for my kiddos. 

I like to start each phonics skill with something catchy for the kids to apply the sound to. Sometimes its a visitor, dressing up, play on words, or anything fun. Last week we had so much fun exploring the short oo sound that I had to make this week's learning of long oo just as exciting. 

Meet Dr. BOOwie

She came by to get our help with sorting and diagnosing words. 

We became doctors and started diagnosing our words. 

Any words that had the long double oo sound were diagnosed with Long Double-O-Itis! The kiddos got gloves and started their sorts. 

They glued all their long double-o-itis words to their patient's clipboards.

And, of course doctors have to make their rounds when they are in the clinic, so the kids made their rounds and visited several patients. Some patients needed help with rhyming words, some with missing letters and some with sounds. 

Day 2, we sorted through healthy and sick words. Any words with long double-o-itis went into the kiddo's Book of Boo Boos

All the activities above are from my Diagnosing Boo Boos pack

Switching over to science - we are working with plants for the next few weeks. 

Today we watched a video on Brain Pop and made these Plants Need craft. These are always a favorite every year. 

We wrapped up our Shape Unit today and have fractions coming up tomorrow. I'll be back this week with a few fraction freebies! Here's a little sneak peek at one of them!

I'm off to snuggle with my babies and watch The Voice! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Five 4 Friday and Freebies

Hi y'all! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for some Five for Friday fun! 

If you read my post from yesterday, then you know we have been all about shapes this week. Today we sorted shapes in to 2 groups. We sorted them together as a class using these shapes, and then the kiddos sorted their pattern blocks at their tables. They had to think of different ways to sort and write it on their t-charts. 

Afterwards, each table group got shapes and a t-chart to sort and label. They had to sort them differently then the way they sorted their pattern blocks. I used washi tape to create the t-charts. 

You can find the shape templates here or here

We also made these adorable real world scenes using my Shapes in My World activity. I love how they turned out!

We added our shapes to our math word wall this week. I let the kiddos help with adding the attributes and what the shapes look like on each card before we hung them up. These are printed on card stock and laminated. I can wipe them off at the end of the year and use again next year. 

This is my first year to use a math word wall and it is so effective if it is actually used! After meeting with our math curriculum coach I realized that they way I was using posters in my room was not effective. I think we have all been guilty of throwing cute math posters on a wall and moving on. All the cards below were created with the kiddos being involved in someway or another. We have drawn some out on anchor chart paper and then I rewrote on large notecards. Next year I will let the kiddos do all the creating/writing like I did with the shapes. It just helps it stick better if they are involved.

Here's a peek at our math word wall. 

Each concept that we teach is represented in a different color. These colors also tie into our math journals. For example numbers and their relationships and how they are represented is red, computation is orange, data is purple, and geometry and measurement is green and blue. I did not get a picture of our math journals, but their are 5 tabs with the colors mentioned. Everything we did this week with shapes went behind the green tab. The kiddos knew which tab to put it under. This is something that is done throughout our school as well as district. It's pure greatness! 

We celebrated our new DRA levels this week! The kiddos always love to see if they met their goals, and if not, how close they were. I like using folders rather than a board or something like that because it keeps it private from other students. 

I reward every kiddo even if they did not meet their goal. It is all about trying your hardest! They get a prize from the Lucket Bucket or stickers. 

You can find these here.

...and of course I have to share my blessings with you all. 

These two. Their bond is so unique. A year ago I wasn't sure how to emotionally handle carrying a special needs baby in my belly. Now, I can't imagine not carrying him. He has brought so much joy to our family. He reminds us every single day to CHOOSE JOY! I think we make life so complicated sometimes. 

Happy Friday y'all.

Oh, and one more thing.....this is coming and I am so stinkin excited I can barely keep calm!

Ok. I'll chill out now. 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


In math we have worked non-stop on 2D shapes this week. 

We started the week off getting to know our shapes and learning all about their attributes. After reading The Greedy Triangle, we went over our shape posters and created shape cards for our math word wall (more on those tomorrow). 

We made Flip Its in our math journals to label and write the names and attributes for each shape. 

We also read When a Line Bends...A Shape Begins and made our shape hats. I love how some of my kiddos got very creative and turned their shapes in to real life things! Genius!

We also built shapes on our geo boards. I would tell the kids that I was thinking of a shape with 4 sides and 4 vertices that had opposite equal sides. They had to create the shape they thought I was thinking about. They loved this! We went through each shape. I also found these cards here that are great for geo boards. 

Yesterday we listened to the story The Shape of Things on YouTube and took a shape walk around the school to look for real word objects that were shapes. Afterwards, the kiddos created a picture collage using their pictures and the app PicCollage. They also completed my Real World match page for a grade. Gotta get those grades in! 

I emailed their collage to myself, printed them out, and each group presented theirs today. We also made the collages in to a class book for our class library. 

No fancy fonts on my school computer....Curlz will have to do! 

So fun! 

We also became detectives and created Shape Files

Today, we became shape makers and had to create new shapes using 2, 3 or 4 shapes. Here in Texas, 1st grade only teaches hexagon, square, rectangle, circle, triangle, and rhombus. Although we had other shapes mixed in with our pattern blocks, I told the kids they could only use the above shapes. I also told them they could use no more than 4. 

Afterwards, they picked their favorite one and used these paper shapes to Shape Up their shapes and make a new one! 

They turned out so cute and perfect for the hall! 

Another favorite activity was Shape, Rattle, and Roll. I put the attribute page on the document camera, gave each kiddo a die, and let them go. It was a great way to see who has the attributes down and who still needs a little more time.

You can find the activities above in my Shape, Rattle, and Roll pack here

Tomorrow we will sort our shapes by amount of sides and whether or not they are all equal. I plan to print these shapes off and give each table some to sort. Afterwards, they will complete the sort page below. 

You can download those here for free! It includes both color and black and white shapes for sorting. 

Hope you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY tomorrow!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Back in the saddle!

We were back in the saddle today! Those of you that are on Spring Break this week,...we can't talk right now. 

Even though I'm pretty bummed I don't get to lay in my jammies all day with my babies, I was excited to get back in the classroom. 

We started this morning off exploring a new sound! The kiddos had backpacks on there desk and a crazy looking teacher when they arrived!

Of course we had to make hats! 

Inside their bags were binoculars and small compasses from The Dollar Tree. Y'all, you would have thought I piled up gold in those bags! 

Once the kiddos had all their gear, it was time to meet our visitor to see what our quest was for the day!

First, she told us all about the sound the two o's make in her name! Next, it was time to help her sort words. We buried the ones that did not have the short oo sound. 

Afterwards, she sent us off to discover words with the short /oo/ sound and adding them to our very own explorers that we created!

The smartie on the right pulled out her library book to discover words in! 

Then, it was time to go on a quest! We had to rhyme words, complete words, count the letters and sounds, and much more.

I've had several questions about how I fit all these activities in to my phonics time. Y'all. It's all about striking two birds with one stone! The kiddos completed their quest and word hunt during literacy stations. 

And that just about wraps up our phonics time for the first day back! 

You can find all of these activities plus more in my Looking for Words pack here! If you recently purchased this, please re-download - I fixed a few typos! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Shape, Rattle, and Roll

Next week we will start our 2D shape unit, and y'all....I canNOT wait! Shapes are one of my very favorite things in math to teach! 

I wanted some fresh ideas for teaching shapes this year so I piled some ideas I had in to one big pack

I wish we had enough time to get to every activity

To save you from my rambling, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Here's a look at what's included.

....and that's a wrap! I can't wait to get started on our Shape Files next week!

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