Sunday, April 30, 2017

End of Year Memory Books

End of Year Memory books are always so much fun for students to make! I love them! BUT....y'all know how the end of the year can be sometimes - BUSY! I find that I do not always get around to my students making these books each year because they take time, and with all of our end of year testing, etc...they just don't always get done. 

This year, I wanted something quick and fun for my students to make! SO, we are going to pick our top 5 things from the year and write about them in these "High 5 to My Top 5" books! 

I included 10 different "things" for my students to pick from. They will choose their top 5 and put those 5 in their books.

Afterwards, they will write about each of the 5 things they chose and then draw a picture. 

I included both boy and girl versions of the books for my students.

Can't wait to get my students started on making their End of Year Memory books

Friday, April 21, 2017

Plant Fun!

Whew. It's been a while. Just when I think I am ready to sit down and blog, BAM, life happens. SO, here I am! Fiiiiinally blogging! 

The past 2 weeks have been all about plants! I absolutely LOVE all things spring so I could NOT wait to get the ball rolling with this unit. We started off looking at seed, identifying their parts, and made these seed flip books. 

We also identified what plants need in order to grow and made these flowers. 

We wrote what the plants needed under each leaf. 

We also became gardeners and ordered the stages of the plant life cycle. 

We started our greenhouses. We used lima beans. They are the perfect seed for observing the different stages of the plant life cycle. 

We are recording the growth of the beans in our plant journals...

It is such a great book for showing what parts of plants we eat. After reading, we sorted vegetables by tops and bottoms. 

and lastly, we ate plants! We identified the parts of the plant that each vegetable was and recorded our observations of the vegetables using our 5 senses.

Y'all. This cracked me UP! They thought most of the veggies were DISGUSTING! 

We are wrapping up our plant unit next week with this Find a Friend activity. My students will glue the flower into their interactive journal and walk around the room and find friends that can write the answer to each petal. 

You can find all the activities above in my Plant Fun pack, here

....and if you previously own this pack, please redownload to access all the new activities! 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine's Day FREEBIE

Is it really almost Valentine's Day?! Seems like we were celebrating holidays around the world just yesterday! 

I wanted to stop in real quick and show you a fun little Valentine's Day craftivity. 

After looking at this pizza, we may just have pizza tonight! 

To make the craftivity, students choose a person to write to that has stolen their heart! 

 There are several different options included in the free download on ways to make the craft.

If you are looking for a quick Vday craftivity, stop by my store to download this one (here)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Musical Numbers

I shared this game on Instagram a few weeks ago and wanted to share it here, too! Y'all!!! It is a BLAST! We play it just about every single day in my classroom and have incorporated it into our phonics skills, sight word practice, and math skills. We love it. 

We call it Musical Words (when using it with words) and Musical Numbers (when using it with math). 
It is played like musical chairs -only with no chairs. Here's how to play. 
It is seriously so much fun! We played it this week when learning place value for numbers 100-120. You can find the student playing cards and teacher cards that we used here

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Make it Stick with Place Value

This week in math we have been working with place value from 100 - 120.  I don't know about y'all, but once numbers go past value gets a little tougher for the younger students. I wanted my students to have as much expose and practice to numbers as possible so that these numbers would not be so tough for them. Let's face it, worksheet practice just isn't going to be enough for our students - they need activities that are going to get them up, moving, engaged and excited about numbers! 

Here's an activity that we did today to practice place value with numbers greater than 100. 

I put my students in table groups (4 to a table) and wrote a different number on each table. 
I gave each table 6 sticky notes. Each table had a different color of sticky notes. (I made each tables sticky notes a different color so that I could easily see which tables had which number and which tables got it....and which tables needed additional practice).

I put hung different place value posters around the room.  

Students had to work together as a table group to write the answer to the poster using their table's number. After they had their answer, they stuck their sticky note to the correct poster. 

They loved this! 

You can download the posters here.

 ...and before I go, here's our predictions on whether or not Mr. Groundhog would see his shadow. My students were so bummed when they discovered that we have 6 more weeks of winter! BUMMER! This teacher is reading for Spring and flip flops! 


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Friend-Diagram FREEBIE

Hey y'all! I've got a fun little freebie for you to use when you teach comparing and contrasting! 

Friend-diagrams! Pair your students up and have them create their face and hair. They can also add their eye color by tracing around the black circle on the eyes with a crayon or maker. 
Afterwards, have them write how they are different from their friend on the outside circle of their face and how they are the same as their friend on the inside of their circle. 

You can download the craftivity here. 

I can't wait to use these this week! 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tying Up Comprehension with Sequencing!

I wanted to pop in and share a quick look at some sequencing activities from my newest Tying Up Comprehension packThis pack *might* just be my favorite.

It is loaded with hands on activities to get your students excited about sequencing. 

I am going to let the descriptions in the pictures do most of the talking. First up, Bulls-Eye! This is such a fun activity! If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a video on how to play this game that you can find in my feed here. After reading a read aloud, students toss the bean bag and retell the part of the story that the bean bag lands on. 
You can find the bean bags here

I mean, what kid doesn't love play dough! 

Also included is Sequence Rope. After reading a read aloud, have students jump over a jump rope and retell the story. Afterwards, they can create this little craftivity to retell the story using sticky notes. 

My students love table races. Like for real love them, so I knew I had to incorporate a little challenge game in the pack. To play, set the timer to 1 minute (more or less time depending on level of students) and have your students work together as a table to put the picture cards and transition words in sequential order. Whichever table completes the order before the timer goes off, wins! After they complete one round, table groups rotate to a different table and order the cards at that table. The game continues until all table groups have been to each table. 

A few more activities included are...

There are 4 read aloud follow up craftivities included in the pack as well. 
Here's a quick look at them....

You can find all the activities above in my Tying Up Comprehension with Sequencing pack here or by clicking the picture below.