Monday, June 30, 2014

Angel Baby

If you have been following our angel baby’s story, you may know by now that he is here!He is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way. Big sister is so in love. He was born on June 18th weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces. 

Please keep praying for our angel. Your prayers mean more to us than anything. Our Lord hears every single one of them and has already answered so many. Please don’t stop. 
Before our angel was born I started working on a back to school craftivity pack. It is finally finished and uploaded to my TPT store.

It includes 5 different craftivities with many different writing options. Here’s a look at a few of them. 

I also included blank templates for Kinder students to draw their responses rather than writing.
There are craftivities for the two books mentioned in the pics above, as well as David Goes to School, First Day Jitters, and The Name Jar. 
It has 7 flip book graphic organizers, as well as 8 flip flaps for your interactive reading notebooks. 

I can’t wait to get started on these read alouds once school starts! I am always a sucker for fun read alouds and cute craftivities! However….I am in NO RUSH for school to start,….I love soaking up my days with my babies. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

What I'm Working On!

I'm linking up with Kindergals...two days late of course, to show you what I have been working on!

This post may look a little different - my computer is completely full and it will not let me get on Windows Live Writer to write this post, so I am using the old and faithful Blogger to write it! Bare with it.

We are finally starting to get Angel Baby's room put together. With all the doctor visits and school, it's been crazy trying to get it together. 
I am loving how it is turning out. My husband is big into hunting, so a deer head was a must for him. We still have a few more things to hang and put together. 
I usually go to the school over the summer to work on my classroom, but with the possibility of living at a hospital for 2 months changed things. Before I left school I started getting all my bulletin boards ready to go for next year. With all the changes our life has experienced these past 6 months, I decided to completely change the decor in my classroom. I have done Dr. Seuss for 5 years, so letting go was a bit hard...but good!! Time for something different! {Sorry for the fuzzy picture....}. 

We are scheduled to have our Angel Baby on June 18th! 5 more days! I have such a mixture of emotions going on. I am nervous, anxious, excited, scared....all at the same time! I am soaking up every last second with this big 'ol belly of mine. I wish he could stay in there forever so he wouldn't have to endure so many surgeries. Please keep praying for our angel. Every prayer means so much. You can follow his story here

And because I canNOT let my mind rest, I have been working on a Guided Reading Comprehension pack with games and activities. You can find it here
It has lots of guided reading response sheets, question cards, and game boards included. Can't wait to use them next year. 
And  there you have it. That's what I have been workin' on! Check out Kindergals to see what others have been up to! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Math-letes, Poetry and David Shannon!

We celebrated all that we have learned in Math this year with a MATH-LETE Day today! It was loads of fun and super busy! We played games and did a few crafts. Needless to say, I am pooped!

We started off by making our Mathlete hats and writing what our favorite thing about math is! I had lots of my kiddos pick basketballs for their hats, but footballs and baseballs were huge hits too!

Mathletes-17 Mathletes-18

You can download the hat template for free {here}.

We worked on writing and expanding our numbers with Count and Expand, and played Connect Four with partners. They loved this game!

Mathletes-19 Mathletes-20

We also made these fun Number Buddies to review the different ways to represent a number. I let each of my students choose 1,2, or 3 digits to create a number. They had to write and draw at least 10 different ways to represent their number.

Mathletes-21 Mathletes-22

All of these math activities came from my newest unit, Know Your Numbers. You can see a more detailed look here.

In reading, we are loving our David Shannon author study. We listened to a read aloud of A Bad Case of Stripes on Storyline Online. Afterwards, we identified the problems and solutions in the story and made a text to self connection by writing about a time that we were embarrassed.

Mathletes-15 Mathletes-16

Yesterday, we listened to David Shannon read aloud a clip from Too Many Toys on Scholastic and completed another text to self connection by writing about a time we had to clean out our toys.

Mathletes-14Apparently cleaning out your toys can be “drama mama unleashed”! Priceless.

We have also been super busy learning different types of poetry. We watched this Brain Pop Video to introduce the different types of poetry.

We made 5W poems, shape poems, and rebus poems. Mathletes-11

For our 5W poems, we read Secret Agent Splat, then wrote one line for each “W”. Who, What, When, Where, and Why. This is a wonderful way to summarize a story.

Mathletes-1Mathletes-12 Mathletes-13

We also did an autobiography poem where each line told something about us.  


We also Suited Up for 2nd Grade by writing about the things we have done this year to prepare for 2nd grade!

   Mathletes-9COPY Mathletes-10

Hard to believe we only have 2 more days, and I am seriously having meltdowns over my baby graduating from Kinder on Friday. If you know how to freeze time….please share!

Happy Hump Day friends!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sale Time and randomness!!

My little store has everything 20% off today and tomorrow!


One of my favorite end of year activities is on sale! These always turn out so cute! I can’t wait to get started on these!


Now for the randomness!

It would just be completely unfair if I didn’t share my absolute most favorite new product with you all.

YOUNIQUE 3D Fiber lash mascara!

Have you tried it?!?!

Oh my Larry! If you haven’t… must! Seriously, RUN and go get it!


Something else I am having just too much fun with is this little Teacher of the Year car I received from my District for winning this years Elementary District Teacher of the Year!! My cup is full to the brim for being chosen for such an honorable position. So thankful.

Seriously, this car is just too much fun!


Angel baby is due in just a few weeks! It has flown by! Due to his diagnosis, they are taking him a week early. My mommy heart is so heavy. I cannot wait to kiss his precious and perfect face. Please keep praying for ultimate healing. His body still needs lots of prayers!

Belly-1 PiercenSono

How’s that for some randomness?!?!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend with your families!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fairy Tales!

This is our first week without our basal this year, so we are living it up with all things fun and fancy! We have been reviewing quite a bit of our reading strategies through our fairy tale unit.

We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshall. The kiddos always giggle with this book! It is just too fun. After reading, the kiddos summarized the story on index cards.


FairyTales-6 FairyTales-7

While I was out yesterday for doctor’s appointments on our angel baby, the kiddos wrote about the problem and solution in The Three Little Pigs by James Marshall.


Today, we read Red Riding Hood by James Marshall and Lon Po Po by Ed Young. The kiddos compared the two stories using a venn diagram.

FairyTales-1 FairyTales-2

You can download these craftivities for free {here}.

Friday, we will discuss which fairy tale was our favorite and create a class graph.

We also reviewed prefixes this past week with these flowers from my Measure On unit. I had each kiddo choose four words for the prefixes un and re. They had to choose two of their words and use them in a sentence.

FairyTales-8 FairyTales-9

I don’t know about you all, but I am always looking for something fun and engaging for my students to do once they have completed their main work. With the summer fever coming on, I wanted something that was going to keep them working, quiet, and learning! I introduced our dessert tubs last week and my kiddos just cannot get enough of them!

Dessert-3 Dessert-4 Dessert-2-2

Once my students have completed their work, they choose a dessert from our dessert menu and take it to their seat to complete independently.

Dessert-1 Dessert-2

I added a few more activities this week and their favorite is the Frosted Facts word problems! They love finding the matching QR answer for each problem!

Dessert-1-2 You can find these dessert activities plus many more {here}.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Adverbs and Measurement!

Can you believe it is May?!? Oh my Larry!! We had a very short week this week. The kiddos had their field trip today and we have a staff development day tomorrow. We crammed 5 days of learning into 3! Here’s what we have been up to.

We started our week off with adverbs. After introducing adverbs, the kiddos recorded the definition of an adverb plus a list of adverbs for how, when and where in their journals.

April2014-4 April2014-5

Afterwards, they chose words from each and put them in a sentences on colored strips of paper and created these adverb suns from my Get Your Adverbs Here pack. We did this last year and I always love how they brighten things up!

April2014-3-3 April2014-4-3

In math, we continued measurement this week! They measured their friends with different forms of non-standard measurements. All of these activities could easily be done with standard measurements as well.

April2014-1  April2014-3

We also measured different pictures and made these Flip Its!

April2014-8 April2014-7 April2014-6

And measured parts of a butterfly!

April2014-2-3 April2014-1-3

and measured our shoes!


All of these measurement activities are from my Measure On pack. It has 3 weeks worth of measurement activities!

Our phonics skill this week was adding suffixes –ly, –y, and –ful to base words. With it being a 3 day week we had to get things going quick! We read the words on the charts below that I made last year, and made these simple flip flap book. The kiddos wrote the suffixes on the outside, the list of words on the inside and used one of the words in a sentence.

April2014-23 April2014-24 April2014-25

April2014-10 April2014-11

I do not have a template for this, but it could easily be remade! Super simple.

And before I go, I wanted to share some pictures of my babies and I that we had taken a few weeks ago. One of my dearest friends took them and…, oh my goodness, she captured every emotion I was feeling that day perfectly. You can read all of Piercen’s updates on his Facebook page Prayers for Piercen.



April2014-1-4 April2014-2-4 April2014-3-4Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend with your families.