Monday, January 11, 2016

Verb Tenses and a Long A Freebie!

I wanted to hop on real quick and share a quick, cute, and simple long a freebie with you all. Last week we worked on long a. On Friday we sorted snowballs by long a and short a. We used all the long a snowballs to create a winter scene. I usually do these every year and always love to see what scenes my students come up with. 

Here's a few from this year.

Some days we just run out of time. Friday was one of those days! Otherwise, every little part of the manila paper that is still showing through would be colored! It usually drives me bananas to see blank spots that are not colored. deep breaths

Again, if we would have had more time....this whole page would be colored! You can download the snowballs for this activity here or here.

We also worked on verb tenses last week. We watched this Brain Pop Jr. video. Moby always saves the day! Next, we sorted sticky notes onto our anchor chart. I like to use an "old" person to illustrate "past" verbs. We talk about how those words are "old news"....because they happened yesterday. 

...and completed this hativity and journal sort

You can find the verb activities plus several more in my Get Your Verbs Here pack. 

Happy Monday friends! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bossy E and Long A!

Ok, who else is wiped out after this first week back? I swear I feel like I've been sleep walking the past 3 days! #thestruggleisrealyall

This week we started Bossy E and long vowels. Whew. We started our learning off by meeting Bossy E. We talked about how he jumps over the consonant, hits the vowel on the head and says, "HEY, SAY YOUR NAME!" They always think this is hilarious! 

Next, we made these quick and simple Bossy E hats and wrote our spelling words on the sentence strip. 

I had my students code their spelling words. This helps so much when they are reading back over them. 

Bossy E will stay up throughout our long vowel learning as a reminder of what the 'e' does to the vowels to change their sound. 
You can download the pieces to make a large Bossy E here, as well as the hat craft!

This week we are focusing on long a (cvce). We will introduce a new long vowel week by week. We started off identifying words that have long a. I grabbed a stack of sticky notes, wrote some long a and short a  words on them, handed them out, and off to sorting we went!

Afterwards, they sorted their words in their journals. 

 We also sorted long a words by word families.

....and they sorted them in their journals as well. 

 We also practiced decoding long a words by spelling them in our journals. 

One of my absolute most favorite station activities is Write/Read the Room. Over the years I have incorporated our phonics skills into this concept and my students love it. Talk about engaging! Today, we went on a Cake Walk around the room. The students had to read, decode, rhyme, and identify the correct spelling for different long a words

You can find this activity, plus all the journal sorts here in my Long A pack!

Happy Wednesday friends! 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Snowy Day FREEBIE

I love The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. I use it every year with my students to teach cause and effect. If you do not have the book, you can find the read aloud online here

This year, we made this anchor chart and filled it in as the story went along. We listened to the story the first time all the way through and then paused it to discuss the cause and effects the second time through. 

Afterwards, my students matched each cause to the correct effect. For the younger babies, I suggest color coding these. I copied the causes on blue paper, and the effects on white. 

Next, we added Peter to the top of our causes and effects.

These are always a favorite of mine every year. 
....and the best part is...this activity is FREE in my store! You can download it here

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sight Word Party!

Hi friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and spending lots of time with your families. We just got back from Disney World and I am all sorts of exhausted.... bones that I never knew could hurt - HURT! 

Do you have a word wall in your room that you put your sight words on? For years my word wall was just a wall...with words....looking all pretty...with cute font....on pretty little laminated cards. We used it to help us spell words that did not follow spelling patterns and that was just about it. Last year, I had several struggling readers and needed something engaging to get them to use the word wall more. I wanted to have a variety of ways for them to practice these words and activities that could be used during word work time or even as an activity to do when their class work was complete. So, I created this Sight Word Party pack last year and we continue to use it this year. Here's a peek inside.  

 My kiddos love anything and everything that is Bingo! I wanted something that was editable so that I could change out as needed. These Bingo boards are all editable. Just click the box and type in your word list, or you can use a Vis-a-Vis marker to write your words on the board and wipe them off when finished.  It also includes the card template. 

3 different editable game boards are also included. Again, you can click in the box to type your words, or use a wipe off marker to write the words. 

All you need is dice and counters for the game boards! 

Do you love spinner boards as much as me? Goodness gracious I am a sucker for anything that can be made into a spinner game! There is just something about a paper clip and thumping that takes things to a whole new level of fun!

There are 2 spinner activities included. 

Spin a Word: spin the spinner - find a word on the word wall (or word list) that has that many letters and record. 

Spin and Write: spin the spinner - write a word from the word word like the number says. 

Throw some dice into sight word work and it makes it ten times better!

There are 2 dice activities included that are very similar to the spinner activities. 

A few more fun things going on at this party...

.....and a few basic printables such as ABC order and assessment pages. 

All activities include both full and half recording sheets to save on paper if needed. 

My kiddos last year and this year have enjoyed these activities. It's a huge time saver when I am needing something for them to do during word work. 

If you'd like to join in on the party you can find everything here! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Reindeer Day

One of my favorite things about the week before our Christmas break is our Reindeer Day! Our kiddos come to school dressed up like little reindeers and Rudolphs and they are just about the cutest little things! 

We started off playing Pin the Nose on Rudolph by placing the red stickers on his face. It is played just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The stickers are the garage sale stickers. I don't really think that is the official name of them, but we have always called them that. You can find them at any Walmart or Target. 
This game is always a favorite! 
We also read the nonfiction book included in Heidi Dickey's Reindeer Unit about reindeer and added facts to our chart. 
Afterwards, we did the reindeer directed drawing from First Grade Blue Skies and added our facts to them by using notecards cut in half.
They did such a great job on them. 
Directed drawings are quite the fave these days. 
We also made reindeer food and used Amy's tags. 
....and made Rudolph ornaments. 
Today was our Christmas parties so I am all sorts of tired. 
I'm off to finish my Sonic drink and take a nap! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Grinch Day!

This week has been nothing short of busy. Between school and getting packed for Disney I think I may or may not have had more than the average caffeine intake! 

Today was one of my favorite Christmas celebration days....
Grinch Day! 
The Grinch is just loads of fun! He left streamers, green glitter and foot prints all over the room!
I used a sponge to make the Grinch's feet by cutting the sponge into the shape of his feet. 

After we all came back down from the excitement, we read How the Grinch Stole Christmas and discussed inside and outside character traits of Mr. Grinch himself.  Gotta love those posters from years past that you laminated and still look brand spankin' new! 
Next, we did a directed drawing of the Grinch...
We listed inside and outside character traits. 
Afterwards, we discussed what we would do to get the Grinch to smile and made these craftivities. 
This one makes me giggle!
You can find the templates to this craft (here). We use paper plates each year for his face and hat, but construction paper would work great too! 
We also made these heart ornaments with each of my student's thumb prints. I originally saw this on A Cupcake for the Teacher blog last year and knew I wanted to add it to our day this year. 
We added these quotes from Happiness is Homemade to the back of the ornaments. 
Lastly, we enjoyed these green licked candy canes that Mr. Grinch left in our room! You can find the tags here by Cara from The First Grade Parade
...and there you have it, another Grinch Day in the books.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Deck the Halls!

Last Thursday we had our annual Math Night at school so decking the halls with Christmas was definitely in order! 

In math we have been working with numbers so to add a holiday touch to our learning we made a NUMBER TREE FARM!

I wrote several numbers on sticky notes and put them on the board. My students had to pick a sticky note off the board, take it back to their seat, and complete their number tree using that number. 
I didn't realize until later that this tree is missing the number in standard form on the star. 

In reading, we MADE STORIES BRIGHT by retelling the book How Santa Got His Job. 

This book is absolutely adorable! You can find it here
After reading it, we used these cards and summarized the story with beginning, middle, and end. 

You can find both of the crafts above in my Deck the Halls pack here

Have y'all watched the movie Elf? Oh my Larry it is one of my favorites! When I saw Katie Mense's Elf Yourself pack I knew I had to incorporate it with my Elf door. 
I added a writing prompt to our elves to go along with one of Buddy's famous quotes...."Smiling is my favorite". 
You can download the writing prompt here

Happy Monday friends!