Sunday, September 25, 2016

Apple and Pumpkin Freebie!!

Hey y'all! I wanted to stop in real quick and share an apple freebie that I made several years ago in case you missed it. 
You can read more about how we used this apple craft (2 years ago) to describe apples and sequencing applesauce here

We have also used this apple craft when learning about pumpkins. 

We wrote adjectives to describe pumpkins using this writing paper. I printed the face on orange paper rather than red and's a pumpkin!!! 
You can read more about how we used this craft for pumpkins here. 

...and if you're looking for more adjective activities, check out my Get Your Adjectives Here pack by clicking the picture below! 


Monday, September 19, 2016

Building Numbers FREEBIES!!!

Last week in math we worked on building numbers to 20. I have several freebies that I wanted to share with you all.  I'll link them all at the very end of the post :) 

We spent the whole week as construction workers while we "built" our number sense.  I found construction hats for 99 cents at Hobby Lobby as well as the construction cones. I'm tellin' ya....throw in some real hats and accessories....and your kids attention and engagement is hooked! 

We started off identifying our numbers in standard form and in word form to 20. We completed this matching activity for independent practice. 
We also "built" number lines using these number nails. We started off building a number line on the board as a group.

Afterwards, I gave each table group nails that had the numbers 1-20 on them and they had to put them in order on their table's number line. I used duct tape for the number line on each table. 

For independent practice, we completed this number line cut and paste activity. 

Once we had our number identification and order down, we began constructing and building numbers. We made towers of 10s using unifix cubes. 
...and then compared our numbers (towers) to our friends. 
We used pipe cleaners to make comparison symbols. 

For independent practice we hauled numbers to the correct comparison symbol by identifying if the a number was greater or less than another number. 

And to add a little more challenge to our number building, we worked on expanded form by using these building mats. 
We used nuts, bolts, and screws (Chex Mix) to build our numbers.
And, as can find all these activities for FREE by downloading them HERE. 

Happy Monday friends!!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Interactive Character Traits

In reading last week we identified character traits. I absolutely LOVE teaching character traits...especially when we have activities that get us moving! 

We started our week off watching this Brain Pop Jr video. After watching the video we generated a list of words that describe different characters in books we have read throughout the year. Afterwards, I had my students tell me words that described the outside of me and the inside of me for this Sticky Traits activity. 
I wrote down the inside traits on a heart sticky note and outside traits on a regular sticky note. 

Next, my students worked in pairs to identify the inside and outside traits of their partner. 

We also created Character Capes and wrote our own traits that described us.

These were definitely our favorite activity from the week. My students wore them all day long and did not want to take them off!! 
You can find the steps on how to make these here.

We also read No, David! and completed this directed drawing of him. 

After drawing, we sorted his traits by inside and outside traits. 
You can find this David activity plus all the activities above, here.  If you previously downloaded my Tying Up Comprehension Character Traits pack, please re-download it. I have corrected the typo that was on the sorting cards. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Scaredy Cat A

Last week we learned about the short a sound with our very first Phonics Friend, Scaredy Cat A
I told the class that we had a new friend coming to hang out with us for the week. They were immediately so excited. After showing them our new friend, I told them that Scaredy Cat A was here to teach us all about the short a sound. I told them that Scaredy Cat A says "aaaaaa" (as in the short a sound) because she is scared when she gets stuck between two consonants. Of course I really played it up and added lots of dramatic faces and sounds when telling them this. They thought it was hilarious!!! 
Afterwards, we used Scaredy Cat A to help us sound out basic short a cvc words. 
We also played Trap the Rat to build new words and nonsense words. 
After we had the short a sound down, we identified and sorted words that had the short a sound and words that did not. 
Then, we glued the short a words to a sentence strip....
and created this Scaredy Cat A hat.

Due to it being a short week, we did not get to all our short a activities, but we did wrap up our learning with building short a words using this interactive page
You can find all the activities above in my Don't Be a Scaredy Cat phonics friend pack here.
Next week, we are meeting Icky I! I can't wait!!! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

What's the Scoop? (Main Idea and details)

This week in reading we are learning about identifying main idea and detailsMain idea and details can be one of those concepts that is tough for little learners annnnd not so exciting to teach. To get my students excited, I packed our reading time with lots of hands on and interactive learning

We started off watching this Brain Pop Jr video about Main Idea. Next, I gave each of my table groups different picture cards (details).  
Their table groups worked together and discussed what the main idea would be based on their cards (details). Once the groups had their main idea, they walked around the room and taped their details to the poster that had the matching main idea. 

As a quick review before starting our next activity, I had them tell me what the main idea would be with these detail cards. 

We also did this I'm Puzzled activity to practice main idea and details. They had to find their matching details...
 and decide what the main idea would be based on their details. They glued their details down, wrote what they were,...
 and identified their main idea. 

We also did What's the Scoop to identify our details and main idea. 

They've got it down! You can find all of these activities in my Tying Up Comprehension with Main Idea pack here. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Handwriting Sort FREEBIE

We hit the ground running with handwriting expectations at the beginning of the school year. After spending the first few weeks reviewing our letters and how they are formed, we then move on to discuss the expectations for our handwriting. 

We started off creating an anchor chart together. I told my students that we were going to make a chart with the same word...written 3 different ways. I also let them know that every letter in the word has to touch either the cloud, fence, or grass on the handwriting lines. We talked about how letters in words do not float in outer space...they all have a place on the handwriting lines. After drawing the grass, fence and clouds...they told me which writing earned 1 star, 2 stars, and 3 stars, with 3 stars being the best. After rating them, we discussed why each word got that many stars. We talked about how everyone's best work looks different...but that 3 star handwriting is what our GOAL is for 1st grade. 

Next, we used our anchor chart to help us sort words in this handwriting flip flap book. 

We sorted words that were written with 3 star handwriting....
and words that were not written with 3 star handwriting. 
Now, we have a simple chart hanging in our room that we can refer to as a reminder of what our handwriting GOAL is in first grade. 
You can download this freebie here.