Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Homophones and Antonyms!!

This week in language arts we have been learning about homophones and antonyms. If you are looking for a great introduction to both of these, Moby and Annie from Brain Pop Jr. are your people! I always love using their videos to get us started. 

After watching the video, I gave each of my students a homophone puzzle piece. Once they read their word they had to walk around the room to find their partner that had the matching homophone. 

This was such a great opportunity to discuss some of these words and build up their vocabulary. Once all the matches were found, we added them to the board and started working on creating our homoPHONES. Each student had to pick one set of homophones to illustrate on their phones. 

Seriously though, how cute is that little emoji for "bawl". #icanteven

You can download the puzzle cards and phone template here. 

We also learned about antonyms. After watching this Brain Pop Jr video, we added some antonyms to our chart and created these ants. 

Each student used the small sticky notes to record their antonyms onto. 

This is such an oldie, but I do them every year with my students. You can download the ant template here. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Inferencing FREEBIE!

Hi teacher friends! I hope you all had an amazing break...some of you may still be on your break, and for that...I am jealous! There is just nothing better than staying in pjs all day and soaking up every bit of family time! 

I wanted to share a little freebie with you all that I shared on my story on Instagram.  This can be played whole group, in pairs, or in stations....all you need are these cards and headbands! You can use the headbands from the game Hedbandz or these elastic ones. Both work great!

Today, I wore the bear card on my head and told the class that I really needed their help figuring out what landed on my head! They thought that was just too hilarious. I told them that they could not tell me what it was and could only give me clues. I did a few example clues with them before letting them start. I wrote down their clues that they gave me as they were giving them to me. Afterwards, I really played it up. I read through the clues and demonstrated how I was using my schema to make an inference of what was on my head. 

Tomorrow I will wear a different picture and have my students give me clues again. This is something that hits so many skills but takes up very little time! 

You can download the picture cards here. 

I'll be back soon with more ways to use headbands in your classroom! 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

How to Catch Santa FREEBIE!

I love Jean Reagan's whole "how to" book series. They are THE cutest ever! When I came across her, How to Catch Santa, on Amazon...I knew I had to get it! It is just as precious in real life! 

Last week we read the book and then came up with a plan on how we would catch Santa if we could. I got so tickled at some of these!! 

Afterwards, my students wrote out their steps of how they would catch him on this little craftivity. 

After they wrote their steps, I threw in some STEM fun and let my students create their "trap" to catch Santa. I let them use chenille sticks, popsicle sticks, streamer, yarn, cotton balls, cupcake liners, bells...and just about anything else I could find in my art cabinet. 

I took pictures of their "traps" and attached it to their how to writing. I love this one. It is a net with cookies and milk! So clever and creative!! 

If you are in need of a fun, engaging activity to keep your kiddos engaged this week, you can download this craftivity for free, here.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mooseltoe sequencing FREEBIE

I shared this Mooseltoe sequencing activity on Instagram and as promised, I wanted to share the cards with you all. 

I love reading Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini. It brings all the giggles every.single.year! After reading it today, we reviewed sequencing and using our "signal" words. We used index cards...folded in half, to create the sequencing flaps. 

You can download the cards here and the Mooseltoe craft is available in my Jingle Bell Rock pack. 

If you need another fun Christmas activity, you can download this How to Catch Santa one here.  


Sunday, December 4, 2016


December is by far my most favorite time of year....EVER! I love crafts and all things Christmas, so tying that into any lesson in my classroom makes me giddy! 

I wanted to pop in and share a quick, FREE elf drawing and writing activity with you all. 

These are great to use after your classroom elf makes their appearance, a follow up activity after reading an elf book, or for a quick writing! 

I always like to complete these drawings together (on the board) with my students step by step. You can download the drawing steps and writing page here. 

Another one of my favorite things to do is make these fun little elf hats with my kiddos! You can find the steps here

Hope you all have a fabulous week! 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Gobbled Up Numbers!

 I wanted to share a quick math freebie with you all that I shared over at Blog Hoppin'.  All you need is dice and construction paper! 

Let your students know that some very hungry turkeys are coming to your room today and they are going to gobble up numbers!!! 

Give each student two dice and have them roll the dice to generate a number to build. The two dice will be their number for the tens place and ones place.  After students roll their number, they will color in their ten frames. The ten frames will become the turkey's feathers. 

After completing the ten frames and turkeys, students will record (on the recording sheet) how many tens and ones their turkey gobbled up! 

You can have your students go ahead and write the number that their turkey ate inside the turkey's belly, OR have your students trade turkeys with another student and have that student write what number the turkey ate. 

You can download this freebie here or by clicking on one of the pictures below. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Catching up and beginning blends!

Y'all! October came and went. For real. Between fall parent conferences and life itself....blogging just didn't happen. So, I am going to do some MAJOR catching up today! There's a lot, so let's get started. 

In math, we learned about time to the hour and made these fun little sunflowers to display analog, digital, and word form. 

In writing, we learned about complete and incomplete sentences and created these free spiders

In phonics, we learned about beginning blends. We started off by meeting Chef Blend. She taught us the recipe for making a blend. 

We became chefs and combined 2 consonants together to make 1 sound. The kids loved wearing their chef hats and "blending" the sounds together. 

Afterwards, we added to our blends to our recipe books.

In stations, we sorted pictures by their beginning blends sounds and worked on word families with real and nonsense words in guided reading groups. 

We also worked on our fluency with blends by using these onset and rime slider cards. 

After completing these activities in reading groups, I placed them in our stations for this week. It has been a great way to continue our practice of reading and identifying beginning blends. 

Oh, and before I go....if you previously purchased my Cooking Up Blends pack, please re-download! These small group/station activities plus lots more have been added to the pack and the Phonics Friends bundle.