Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Frying up FRY words!

I don't know about y'all, but I am always trying to brainstorm ways to get my students motivated and excited about increasing their sight word fluency. I have been trying something new this year with my class that I shared over at Blog Hoppin', and I wanted to share with you all here too! 
My district uses Fry's sight words. Each grade level is given a particular set to assess each student on. Our goal is that each child will have all or most of their grade's words mastered before the end of the year. 

To get my students motivated to reach this goal we have been FRYING UP our FRY WORDS. I have several students that want to read as many Fry words as they can, and I am all for that! 

Each student starts the year off with the 1st 100 words. The words are kept on a word ring inside their reading folder and practiced at home for homework as well as during our guided reading time. 
Once my students have mastered a word, they receive a checkmark or sticker. 

After they have mastered all 100 words, they get to add a french-fry to their fry basket. 
They also get a certificate, trophy, and ribbon to celebrate their huge success!

They love getting their picture taken with all their rewards! 

Once they have one set of words mastered, I send home the next set. I love hearing the encouragement that they give to one another to add another fry in their basket.  You can read more about Frying Up Fry Words here. 

I am off to have an early birthday celebration with some family! Tomorrow is the big 3-0!!!! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Week!

Hi friends! I'm playing a little catch up from last week. 

In language arts we worked on prepositions for where and when. Oh boy can these be tough for our little ones! After discussing what  a preposition is, we played "Pin the feather on the turkey"! The kiddos LOVED this. They each had a turn to pin the feather anywhere they wanted to on the turkey. We used magnetic tape on the back of the feather to make it easily moveable. 
Next, we talked about WHEN we would see a turkey. 
*BEFORE Christmas
*AFTER Halloween
*DURING Thanksgiving
...and sorted these index cards onto our venn diagram.
We talked about how the words AT, ON, and IN can be for both. For example: We saw a turkey IN the morning. 
We saw a turkey ON Thanksgiving. 
We saw a turkey AT lunch. 
Those can be pretty tricky.....
Then, each student completed this independent word sort. 
You can find the words for the word sort here

We also worked on synonyms and made these adorable turkeys by Cara Carroll. My students found the matching synonyms and glued them together on a feather. These cards are on my computer at school, so I do not have them here to share. #sosorry
In Reading, we have been working a LOT with author's purpose. 
Our basal story was a non-fiction story this week, so we had the "inform" part of author's purpose down quick. We needed more practice with recognizing the other purposes, so we read these books and talked about how they are written for different purposes. 
Next, we made these pies from my Back to School Read Aloud pack along with Amy Lemons' Reading Flap Up sorts to wrap up our learning. 
We will continue to work on this all year long, but so far, my student's are knocking my socks off with identifying the author's purpose of a selected text. 
....and to wrap up our week before our 9 day break, we learned about the first Thanksgiving and reflected on what we are thankful for. We loved making these adorable Pilgrims and Native Americans by Cara Carroll

Talk to you soon! 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dr. Seuss Week came early!

This year we celebrated Dr. Seuss way earlier than usual. We use the Journey's reading series and this week our story was all about Dr. Seuss, so.... we decided to go ahead and do our celebrating during our story. 

I didn't get a picture of everything, but I do have a few freebies for you that hopefully you can use during Read Across America or for Seuss' birthday week. 

We read The Foot Book and worked on antonyms. Afterwards, we made these fun little ants. 

I gave each of my students 2 sticky notes to record their antonyms on. 

This template is several years old, but it still works like a charm! You can download the template here

We also read Oh Say Can You Say and worked on alliterations. My students made alliterations using their names. I did this several years ago, but remade the template because the last one was pretty embarrassing!

My students thought these were just too funny!

You can download the templates here. 

And lastly, in math, we made these hot air balloons to go along with the story Oh the Places You Will Go using standard and expanded form.

I love how some of my students added details to their pictures! 

You can download the hot air balloon template here. 

Balloon clip art by Whimsy Clips

....and thanks to Pinterest, I was able to pull off being the Lorax for a day!

There you have it! Dr. Seuss celebrated in November! 
Happy weekend sweet friends!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Cooking Up Blends!

Happy Friday friends! I wanted to share what we have been working on in phonics for the past 3 weeks. Now that we have reviewed our vowels and have them down, it was time to start working on beginning blends

We started off meeting Chef Blend and her recipe book for making blends. 

Afterwards, the students became chefs by wearing chef hats,.... 

Hat clipart by Krista Wallden

.....got mixing bowls, spoons, and worked in groups to make blends using letter cards. After they blended their consonants together, they had to find the matching picture for each new sound. 

Next, they created their own recipes for each set of blends. Throughout our 3 weeks we covered s blends, r blends, and l blends. 

My students added our new blends to their recipe books each week.

I sent their recipe books home today for them to read all their recipes to their parents. 

We also made our very own Chef Blends and added words that begin with blends to the bowl.

We also completed lots of interactive journal sorts and matching to continue practicing blends. 

You can find the activities above in my newest Phonics Friend pack , Cooking Up Blends, here. 
.....and in my S Blends pack here

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sentences with Mr. Morton

We all know Schoolhouse Rock is the bomb dot com. I STILL sing those songs in my head as an adult! 

The past few weeks we have worked on building complete sentences and have watched this video just about every single day.

After building and sorting sentences all week, my kiddos made these Mortons. 

You can download the templates here

We still need more practice with complete sentences, but goodness my kiddos are doing great so far! 

Happy Saturday friends! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Time to the hour

Happy Hump Day!  

Last week we worked on telling time to the hour. We started off using this number line that I made last year. We talked about how the numbers on a clock are just like a number line except that they are not in a straight line. Afterwards, we put the number line in a circle to create a clock. 

During math stations, my small groups worked with me on recognizing the hour and minute hand. We used Playdoh in two different colors to create our hands. 

Afterwards, I called out a time that I wanted them to represent with their analog clock and write that same time in digital form. 

Needless to say, they begged to come to the teacher table to build their clocks! 

We also used these Puzzled to Pieces time puzzles to match the analog and digital times. 

 Now that we have practiced using these puzzles, I will put them in our math station buckets for additional practice and review. 

And....because you gotta' love getting those grades, we completed these interactive journals

I wanted to really make sure my students understood the difference between the hour and minute, so I had them color the hour red and the minute blue once they matched their times.  

And because there is not tired like teacher tired.....I am off to bed! 
Talk to you later!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Spook-tac-ular gift!

I wanted to share a quick and simple Halloween gift that I made for my team and Miss Priss' teacher. It's nothing fancy, but it's cheap and reminds them just how AWESOME they are! 

The Dollar Spot at Target has the most adorable Halloween buckets.....for $1.00! $1.00 y'all!!! Anyways, I grabbed up a few and a sack of candy and started filling them up. 

I attached these little tags, put some purple tissue paper inside, and wha-la! Simple, cheap, and cute!
If you're wondering who Sass is...it's what my daughter's teacher calls her! She truly is a SASS! Ha!

Happy Tuesday!