Thursday, September 3, 2015

Teacher Week '15: Sanity Savers

I swear I could conquer my whole To-Do list if I had more hours in the day! I am linking back up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week '15 for Sanity Saving Tips

One thing I wanted to share with you all that I started doing a few years ago is using washi tape as labels! Y'all. You can write on them and they peel right off. No sticky stuff left over that you have to break your arm trying to get off. It's like Label Heaven. 

Here is a picture of how I used them on my folders. Now, I can reuse these adorable folders every year by peeling off the old label and sticking on a new one. Looks brand spankin' new! 

And before I go, I wanted to share a quick math activity that we did today. We are working on numbers to 20 this week, so today we created these number lines. 

My kiddos worked with a partner to create their number line using sticky notes. 

It also saved a lot of time because I did not have to prepare anything for this lesson! 

Be sure to check out Blog Hoppin' for several more sanity saving tips!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Teacher Week '15: Classroom Tour

I LOVE Teacher Week! I love reading all the posts!

I am back today with a classroom tour. I posted it right before school started, so you can read all about it here. There are several freebies for you too!

There are still a few more days to link up if you haven't already joined in on the fun. You can link up on Blog Hoppin', share on our Facebook page, your Instagram, or even on Periscope. 

Happy Teacher Week! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Catching up with Back to School activities

Since I am not one to cook, much less prepare a meal ahead of time, I wanted to catch up on our back to school activities that we have done the past few weeks. Bare with me as I let the pictures do most of the talking. Here are a few of my favorites to do each year. 

Last week we read If You Take a Mouse to School and completed this text connection. 

You can find the mouse templates plus the writing stem here and here

We also spent a great deal of time working on what make makes a good friend. We used Amy Lemon's Bucket Filler activity to display several reminders of how we can fill each other's buckets throughout the day. 

We will keep these hanging up for a while. I want the kiddos to be able to reference to them when they see or hear someone dipping another person's bucket. 

We also read Enemy Pie (one of my favorites) and created a list of things we thought that dad really put in the pie. Afterwards we talked about what the steps were to making a Friendship Pie. The kiddos always love how the story ends. They never expect that the pie will be a friendship pie. 

You can find this activity here

We read The Recess Queen and did this follow up bully activity. 

Their writing at the beginning of the year melts my heart. I love to see their growth throughout the year. You can find this craftivity here

We read The Name Jar and wrote about what makes our names special.  This is also a fantastic book to compare/contrast to Chrysanthemum. 

Um, if this won't melt your heart, I don't know what will!!
Most precious ever! 
You can find this here

I sent home this All About My Name activity for the students to complete with their parents. The kiddos will share the story of their name with our class tomorrow. 

 You can download it here

And, we also made these hats to show that we are STICKING TO RULES in 1st grade! 
I do not have rules posted in our classroom, because my district uses Social Contracts. I let the kiddos write about different rules/expectations that I have for our class. This one cracks me right up! You can find this hativity here
So funny! They know Mrs. Hudgeons does not like anyone acting crazy! Ha!

I will see you all tomorrow for some Teacher Week Blog Hoppin' fun! 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Teacher Week '15 - 5 Fun Facts About Me

It's Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin' this week and it is a complete MIRACLE that I am able to link up this week. We have spent the past week (first week of school, ahem) moving out of our house. Call me crazy! I'm pretty sure I have 6 new gray hairs just from this past week. Moving + 1st week of school = Gray City! 

Speaking of moving, for those do not know, we were blessed with a son in June 2014 that was born with Spina Bifida. He uses the coolest looking wheelchair around. Personally, I think it is way cooler than walking legs. He is pretty darn cute in it! We sold our house so that we could build a handicap accessible home for him. 

I am an absolute SUCKER for an inspirational graphic tee. Throw one on with some jeans and a kimono and you've got yourself a comfy get up! 

....and I even dress my babies in them all.the.time! Theirs will soon make a t-shirt quilt and hopefully be very inspiring for them when they are older. 

Can you tell we like to dress like triplets? #hubbyfeelsleftout

When I am not creating teacher materials, I love to illustrate what a verse means to me in my Bible. My daughter loves to do it too. You can read more about Illustrated Faith here

I have been in love with this handsome fella for 11 years. One of his favorite things to do is eat at Pei Wei. I am not a huge fan of Asian style food, but I will eat it just for him. I am a fried food and Mexican food kinda girl! I could eat chips and salsa at every meal. 

 We would love for you to link up this week. You can link up on Blog Hoppin', share on our Facebook page, your Instagram, or even on Periscope. 

Happy Teacher Week! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Classroom Tour with lots of FREEBIES!

As you may have read in my last post, it was time for some MAJOR change in my classroom decor this year! Here's a little peek into my farmhouse chic inspired classroom. 

Over the summer I came across the most adorable shiplap inspired wood bulletin board paper at our local teacher store, and knew I had to use throughout my room. 

This will be our reading board where we display any reading craftivities, anchor charts, etc. 

Wood paper by Pacon here
Chalkboard banner from Target
Teal border by Teacher Created Resources here
Chalkboard chevron border by Creative Teaching Press here

I wanted the wood to carry over to all my bulletin boards to create consistency throughout my room. 

Our district requires us to create a social contract with our students, so that will be displayed here. 

Polka dot pom poms are from Hobby Lobby
Boarders here
Wood paper by Pacon here

This board will display any crafts. I will change out the words on the chalkboard and the banner to match whatever is hanging below. 

Wood paper by Pacon here
Banner from Target
Chalkboard clips from Michael's
Large chalkboard made by husband and I 

This might just be my favorite wall in my room. It is right above our library. 

Burlap paper lanterns are from Teacher Created Resources here

I spent a few days this summer spray painting all my old Dollar Tree locker bins silver to look like metal bins. 

I used the cheapest silver metallic spray paint I could find. Afterwards I sprayed a clear spray paint over them to prevent too much chipping. Hopefully. 

Library labels are by Reagan Tunstall

I used this organizer from Target for my centers last year and loved it. I repainted it gray to go along with my color scheme. I found all the bins at Target. Can you believe those cute metal ones were in Target's Dollar Spot?!? 

This is my desk area. I purposefully left my desk out of the picture. It is a hot mess right now! 

Everything pictured here is from Hobby Lobby except for the dice (hand me downs from my sister), small black and brown smile sign (Target), and the Good Vibes Only sign (Linen and Lace Shop).

I don't know about you, but curtains in a classroom drive me nuts! They get so disgusting with dust! This year I decided to not use curtains and go with something different. I found these tassel garlands at Hobby Lobby for half off and of course had to get. 

Next up is my rug. I originally bought a flower one and ended up taking it back for something that could handle dirt a little better. This is actually an inside outside rug - they are much easier to clean! 

Rug from Target here

When I saw my sweet friend Michelle Oakes' Neat Seats I knew I had to use them in my room. Y'all. They are good stuff. 

chalkboard table bucket labels here

If you already own these or have some coming your way, you can download the number tags here

I changed out several of my posters to match my color scheme. You can download all of these here

We have two white boards in our room, and every year I always go a little crazy trying to figure out how to make the extra one useful. It is too high for most of my kiddos to reach so it can't display anything that is too interactive. I decided to put my math word wall on it this year so that the math vocabulary is visible to everyone from any spot in the room. You can read more about how we use our math word wall here

Here is our classroom birthday banner. I will just write the kiddos names and actual birth date on the clips. You can download this one here and the one I used last year here

...and lastly, two bulletin boards that are outside of my room. 

This one is right outside my door. I will display student work on it. I plan to change out the words on the chalkboard to go along with whatever is displayed. You can download the Welcome Back banner here

Burlap is from JoAnn's
Chalkboard border here
Arrow chalkboard is from Hobby Lobby

This bulletin board is in our grade level workroom. Choose Joy is one of my absolute favorite verses from the Bible and is something I constantly remind myself to do not matter what the circumstances are. 

Flowers and banner are from Hobby Lobby
Chalkboard border here

I am getting a few more things finished up this week in my room, so that I will be ready to greet 20ish new kiddos next week! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Classroom FREEBIES

This year I decided to completely change my entire classroom decor. I have been in the same classroom for 6 years and decided it was time for some change. For the majority of those years I had a Dr. Seuss themed room. Last year I changed things out here and there with different colors and patterns and it worked great, but this year I wanted something calming that created a home feeling. 

I created a few new posters to match my new decor. Y'all know how it all has to flow together!

Below is a picture of my alphabet poster I will be using this year. I always hang it above my board so that the kiddos can see it from anywhere in the room. I added yellow stars to all the vowels because I am continually reminding my kiddos during the first semester that every word has to have a star letter (vowel)! 

You can download the alphabet posters here

I also made a few simple 2D shape posters to hang up. You can find those here

I wanted my color posters to show different shades of colors because sometimes when I ask the kiddos to get out a red, some ask "is this red okay". I think these posters will help with that. 

You can download the color posters here.

I also redid my number posters from last year. I changed the colors to go with my new decor. 

You can download them here

Ok, I totally blame the Dollar Spot at Target for this Welcome Back banner. I mean could their vintage classroom stuff be any cuter?! Their lined paper bags definitely inspired this banner. 

You can download the banner here.

I will be back later this week to show pictures of my classroom and share a few more freebies with you all.

 I'm starting to get a little sad that I only have 7 more days left of summer vacation. How many do you have left? 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Phonics Friends

One thing I absolutely love to teach (besides math) is Phonics. I don't know about y'all, but when I was in 1st grade we didn't have different spelling rules and fancy names like digraphs, diphthongs, etc. Vowels were vowels and consonants were consonants, and spelling was memorized. That's how it was in my neck of the woods anyways. Needless to say I was lost when I first started teaching 1st grade! I was trying to remember the names, the rules and all the other fancy stuff that goes along with phonics.  This past year, I started using LOTS of phonics friends to help us with our weekly spelling sound. I wanted something that STUCK with my kiddos! Something catchy that would get them excited, engage them, and get them up and moving. 

We met LOOkie the Explorer and went on a quest with her to find short oo words.

We also met Dr. BOOwie and became doctors that diagnosed long OO with Long-double-o-itis. 

We also set sail with Captain SmARty to find his AR treasure. You can read all about our week here

You can find all of these phonic packs by clicking here

One of my goals this summer was to create Phonics Friends for vowels. We review those at the beginning of 1st grade each year. So far, I have completed my Short A pack and hope to get the others completed soon. 

It includes Scaredy Cat A who gets very scared when he is between two consonants and says aaaaaaa as in the short a sound. 

It also includes a sort for identifying short a words. This can be done in either whole group, small group or independently. 
Trap the Rat is another friend included in this pack. He is just like his friend Scaredy Cat A. He gets scared when he is "trapped" between two consonants. This is a fun activity for building short a words. It also includes a few different ideas for follow up activities. 

And, if you know me then you know I am a sucker for a cute meaningful hat....

It also includes a Cat Walk activity. This is done just like Write the Room or Read the Room activities. The kiddos walk around to all the cards and answer the question or complete the task on each card. My kiddos LOVE these. They are perfect for stations!
There are also a few interactive notebook printables for the kiddos. 

I love using Phonics Friends in my classroom! The kiddos remember the stories and ask when they get to meet the next one all the time.  

I also have a few Phonics Friend FREEBIES in my store! You can download the ones below here