Friday, December 12, 2014

A little bit of everything!

If you read my post early this week then you know we have been all about numbers for a while now. Today, we wrapped up place value with creating these Christmas/Holiday pictures by using the place value pieces from my Know Your Numbers Pack. The kids also had to identify the value of their picture and write the expanded form. I only had 2 rules! 1. The value cannot be greater than 99. 2. It has to be a holiday picture. Because we are always building numbers in first grade, I try to think of fun new ways for the kids to build their numbers. They loved this one!

Slide1 photo 17

In reading we have focused a lot on sequencing and cause/effect. After reading our Journey’s basal story, we retold the story by putting the events in order. You can find this activity here.

Do you use Journey’s?

photo 22 The Snowy Day is always a favorite for teaching cause and effect. Did you know that you hear the story read aloud here? I love how animated it makes each page! It’s wonderful! You can download this craftivity for free in my TPT shop!

photo 16 Slide3

In writing we are spending this six weeks working on poetry! Brain Pop Jr. has a great video for introducing poetry! Love how these Cinquain poems turned out!

Slide2 photo 15

…and a little 5 senses writing with candy canes!

photo 24

In LA we have spent the past few weeks working on common/proper nouns and contractions. You can find the activities below here.

photo 23

For contractions, we watched this Brain Pop video, sorted and matched cards, then completed our Ruldolph craft by writing the two words that make the contractions on the antlers and the contraction on his nose!

Slide4 Slide5

        Slide7 Slide6

You can find the sorting cards here, and the reindeer here! I just added these bows to the Rudolphs to fancy them up a bit!

And the winner for guessing my favorite Christmas song is Bethany Seitz! I will be emailing you soon!!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Catching Up!

Geez Louise have I been a slacker or what?!?! Between physical therapy for angel baby, homework, gymnastics, life, being a mom, working full time, being a mom, cleaning the house….have I mentioned being a mom, sometimes blogging gets pushed back! Thankfully I have a Superman of a husband that helps out all the time! But for me, being a mom is my top priority! So, sometimes I spend my nights cuddled up on the couch with my angel baby or playing nurse with my priss.

Time to catch up!

We have been working with numbers the past few weeks and will be until Febuaryish. My kiddos love playing Connect Four! It is always a favorite and super simple. The kiddos take turns flipping over place value cards and cover that number with their counter. The first to connect four wins!


Along with building and identifying numbers, we have also worked on 10 more and 10 less. This is always SO tricky for kids! We have played several games, but one of my favorites is this one. The kids spin a number, write that number, and build 10 more and 10 less.


 You can find the above activities in my Know Your Numbers pack.

Once the kiddos saw the pattern with counting by 10’s from any given number, we busted out these hundreds chart puzzles and identified the pattern on it as well. Afterwards, we turned our puzzle charts into presents! These charts are from Haley O’Connor. You can find them here!


I love how my teammate used these lights from my Deck the Halls pack for 10 more/10 less! Definitely doing these next year!


And to wrap up our 10 more/10 less lesson, the kiddos completed these Flip Ups in their math journals. I do not have a copy of the Flip Ups here at home. I made them in less than 5 minutes during my conference, but I am sure you could make. They are super easy!


I am off to watch Happy Feet with my loves. One more week friends! We can do it!

….and the first to guess my favorite Christmas song will get a copy of my Deck the Halls and Know Your Numbers pack! Hint: Look back through past years December blog posts and I just betcha’ you will get it right!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday fun! 

1. Today we worked on synonyms. I LOVED the turkeys Cara from The First Parade posted last year, so I knew I had to tie them in to something this month! Synonyms it is! I added a pilgrim hat to the top for the students to write their word on. After making a list of different synonyms for each word, they wrote their synonyms on the feathers! 

Don't Be A Turkey! Use Your Synonyms!

2. Texas weather has turned into a winter! 50 or below and I feel like I am in an igloo! I am in love with this cardigan I got a few weeks ago from Pomp and Circumstance Boutique. It is so warm! The boots are oldies, but still a very favorite of mine. 

3. We painted our parking spots at school for a fundraiser to raise money for a sweet coworker and her son. We used water based paint so it will come right off. I had the cutest little helper painting with me! 

...and I'm going to throw 4. and 5. together! We have already started decorating our house for Christmas. I think we started before Halloween! I recently ordered this sign for our mantel and I cannot wait to get it. 

I have ordered several signs from this precious shop for our home. The owner is absolutely precious! My favorite is our verse that we have clung to since January 28 of last year. She does amazing work

You can read all about our angel's story here

and there you have it! My 5 for Friday! Check out Doodle Bugs to see what others faves are from this week!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

All about them blends!

We have been all about them blends, bout them blends, bout them blends! And the kids are having "no trouble" with them...{see what I did there?!?!}

We have worked non-stop finding the blends in words, matching them to pictures, writing blends, and  just about anything that deals with blends....we have done it! 

We sorted words that have final blends - and words that do not. 

We also created a Feast of Blends with baked turkeys

You can find the turkey craft here for free. The final blends pack can be found here for free and the S Blends pack here

And there you have it!

I am off to pick up the house a bit before our angel baby's PT gets here! Christmas decoration boxes are EVERYWHERE!!! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Balancing Numbers

Hi friends! It's been forever! Life is crazy busy 'round here! 

Today we worked with balancing numbers! Oh boy! Such a tricky little concept. 
We started off thinking about different ways to make numbers and created a list for numbers 0 - 10. 

I had students choose an equation from the board. We put the number on our mini math balance and then looked at another equation that would equal out our balance. The kids LOVED this! I love to use these balances because they are perfect for showing kids what the equal sign is all about! We did lots of practice with the balance finding equations that were equal and ones that were not. 

Next we played Is it Balanced? on Kahoot! Seriously if you do not Kahoot! GO NOW and sign up! It is ah-mazing and completely free

To wrap things up, the kids created their own balances and picked two equations that were equal.

...and sorted equations for desert when they finished their work!

You can download the activities above here!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Time Freebies!

Math was all about time this week. Our district follows TRS (old C-Scope) for math so we only worked with time to the hour this week. We will work with time to the half hour later on in the year.

We started off very basic – relating a clock to a number line. I used index cards and string to create a very simple number line to 12. We talked about how a clock is indeed a number line – just in a circle.

Clocks-1 2

We hung it up on the board, I would call out a time, and the kiddos had to help me move the hour hand and write the digital time. I just attached the hour hand to a clip on magnet – makes it easy to move around.


Afterwards, we followed up with some independent practice in our math journals.


And this friend decided to put the times in order from least to greatest just like the number line! Smartie pants!


You can download this sort plus a few more by clicking the picture below.


Once we got the hang of it, we created sunflowers with the analog, digital, and word form of time.

Clocks-3-2 Clocks-2-2

You can download the craft by clicking on the picture below.


One of my rotations during our math stations is the teacher table. We always just practice and extend more on the skill that was taught during whole group during this time. We sorted times on to TRUE or FALSE mats and matched analog and digital times.

Clocks-6 Clocks-1-3

These will now go into our station tubs for next week.

You can download these sorts by clicking the picture below.

Slide1 and here.

The other kiddos worked on reviewing skills from earlier this year during their stations. Graphing, finding the missing part, and fact families.

How’s that peace sign for a nice photo bomb?!!

Clocks-7 copy Clocks-5


You can download all these plus the clock match by clicking on the picture below.

Slide1  And there you have it. Our math this week in a nutshell!