Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Number Line Thief!

Are number lines a big deal in your district? They are huge in ours! And I LOVE it! We tie number lines in to almost every single concept we teach in math. It's good stuff!

Because they are so big in our district, I wanted a way to incorporate number lines in to our spiral time every day. Something simple and quick! 

So....I decided to use yarn and clothespins to create a number line across my board in the front of my classroom. Rather than just attaching numbers to a number line, I wanted the numbers to be attached in a way that I could take them off, move them around, etc. This is why I chose to use clothespins. I simply glued the cards to the clothespins with hot glue. 

The number line is open at all times. There are always several numbers that are missing. 

Before we begin our spiral time, I take down a few numbers when the kiddos are at lunch or recess. When they return, I tell them that the number line thief came to our room AGAIN and took numbers down. The kiddos have to clip the numbers on where they would go. 

We build the missing numbers with coins and place value blocks. We also discuss numbers that are greater and less than the number we placed on the number line. 

This has been such a great activity to incorporate in to our spiral time each day. The kiddos enjoy it. It has opened up lots of great conversations about numbers. 

This is also a great math station. You can place the numbers you want the kiddos to place on the number line in a tub. You could also have a task card in the tub with what to do with that number after they found where it goes. The task card could say something like: the number using coins the number using place value blocks a number that is 10 less than the number you placed on the number line

The possibilities are endless! 

You can download the numbers here

Monday, March 2, 2015

All about those graphs!

Hi friends! We are packing for a 3 day trip to Houston for checkups on Angel Baby, so I gotta be quick! 

We have been all about graphs in math the past 2 weeks! 

Today, we worked in our interactive journals! The kiddos always love to use these!

In small groups, we played Spill and Graph!
I placed all the cards in a little tub and picked one kiddo to spill them. We flipped over any that landed on white. This was a great activity to discuss sorting and how helpful that skill is for us in lots of different things!

One of the math groups played Spin and Graph

All of the graph activities above are from my Graph pack

Another group used these coin puzzles to review counting coins. You can find the coin puzzles here for free.

They used our 100s chart to count their collection first and then found the matching amount. You can also find free 120 charts to use with your collection of coins here for free. 

Ok, the hubby is telling me to wrap it up! 

See you all later on this week! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

OR Freebies!

This week we learned all about AR and OR. You can read all about our Pirate Day here

Yesterday we met our second visitor this week. Mrs. SmORe-gan! She is quite the hoot let me tell ya'. 

I used Krista's clipart to draw her sweet lil' self! 

She told us all about the sound OR makes, helped us sort words, and told us what we would be doing throughout the day to learn more about OR. 

After making a list of words with OR, the kiddos created their own s'mores and wrote word from the board as well as a sentence on their s'more. 

The top one melts my heart y'all. I love me some of my Lord! With or without a capital letter! #propernounsaretrickystuff

We also used Oreos to build OR words and sentences!

Sorted words in our notebooks....

...and their favorite activity, Write the Room. 
This is very similar to the Treasure Hunt activity we did earlier this week. The kiddos walked to each card and answered the question on the card. There were rhyming words, missing letters, correct spelling, and more included on the cards

Total squirrel moment, but I forgot to tell you about our class graph we made on Pirate Day. The kiddos voted for their favorite activity from the day. 

You can find all the activities above here for free! 

Of course Walk the Plank was their favorite. It was a blast! The kiddos were so funny pretending that the boat was rocking back and forth in a storm! 

Did any of you have early release today? It went from sunny to snowing in just a few hours in my part of Texas. They dismissed us early due to the roads. Miss Priss immediately ran outside to start collecting snow for homemade ice cream. It tasted much better than the ICE ice cream we made earlier this week. 

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs! Stop by to see what others are up to!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pirate Day!

Today was our first day back since Elsa froze Texas. I love to look at snow, it's beautiful, but I'd much rather wear flip flops and a v-neck tee! Although, the ICE ice cream we made was delish! 

This week we are focusing on the sound of /ar/ and /or/. Super fun! I LOVE to get my kiddos excited about new learning, and hello,....I definitely want them to remember 1st grade as their BEST year ever! 

I found this tutorial online for my pirate vest. Thank goodness or it would have ended up looking like a shredded tomato. 

...and the man at Sonic gave me the strangest look when I rolled up to get me a large DP! #wedoitallforthekids 

We started our day off meeting our class visitor Captain 
Sm-ARR-ty! He needed us all to become pirates for the day and help him find his lost words! 

After we became pirates, we starrrted our voyage! #cheesyiknow We found lots of words for his map, but some did not have /ar/. The words that did not have /ar/ became shipwrecked! 

Sm-arr-ty was pretty excited we found all his words! But, our voyage wasn't done yet! He had more work for us! 

We headed off to our quarters to sort our own words just to make sure we knew the difference between the words Sm-arr-ty wanted and did not want! 

Next, he sent us off to collect gold for the treasure he was going to bury. 

...and he even made us walk the plank! This was by far their favorite! They had to read the /ar/ word on the card to walk the plank. I love seeing their imagination! They were trying so hard to stay away from the sharks underneath them! 

He then sent us off on a treasure hunt! 

We had to find rhyming words, the correct spelling for words, fill in missing sounds, count the sounds, and lots more! 

And, at last our ship ported and we found our treasure! 

It was full of jewels and Smarties! 

We had a blast today!

You can find all of these activities plus more here

Friday, February 20, 2015

Five 4 Friday

Whelp. This week has been nothing short of busy! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for a little recap! 

I was out of the class on Monday and Tuesday at trainings.....and Tuesday afternoon, I got a text from Angel Baby's babysitter that he was running 101.6 temp! {insert Mommy panic here}, this week's F4F is less school and more family! 

For those of you who follow Piercen's story, you may already know that we rushed him to the hospital because his breathing was very labored and he was pretty lethargic. The ER ended up admitting him because he had double pneumonia and bronchiolitis. This was quite the big deal for him because of his weak lungs due to Spina Bifida. 

 He is such a smily baby, so him not smiling is a big indicator that he just doesn't feel good. 

Their bond amazes me. During P's Kindergarten year she fell in love with a boy in her class that used a wheelchair. She prayed every single night to have a brother just like him. 6 months later...we found out she was having a brother with the same diagnosis as the boy in her class. Gives me chills to this day. 

My mother-in-law came to watch the kiddos last weekend, and when we came home...little brother had a new do!

Those cheeks! 

Homework is something P just does not enjoy! I am not above bribery to get the job done! 

This week, we veered from her usual homework to have some fun with compound words. She loved the silly compound words!

...and because I think a cute tee is completely necessary to share, the message on this tee means a ton to our family. #prolife's that for a random Five for Friday?!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Coin Craze & FREEBIES!

I wanted to pop in real quick to share my latest pack with you all. I finally compiled a few of my favorite coin activities plus a few new ones in to one pack. We are wrapping up our coin learning this week, so we will be using a lot of these activities this week. 

.....and if you stay around 'til the very end of this post I'll have lots of freebies for ya! 

Since my eyes are heavy and I'm about /this/ close to falling asleep I'll let the pictures do the explaining! 

It includes 13 different activities. Here's a peek at what's included! 

You can find all the activities here

And because I promised you I'd have some FREEBIES for those of you who stayed 'til the end.....

Click here to download the freebies below!