Friday, October 3, 2014

Time Freebies!

Math was all about time this week. Our district follows TRS (old C-Scope) for math so we only worked with time to the hour this week. We will work with time to the half hour later on in the year.

We started off very basic – relating a clock to a number line. I used index cards and string to create a very simple number line to 12. We talked about how a clock is indeed a number line – just in a circle.

Clocks-1 2

We hung it up on the board, I would call out a time, and the kiddos had to help me move the hour hand and write the digital time. I just attached the hour hand to a clip on magnet – makes it easy to move around.


Afterwards, we followed up with some independent practice in our math journals.


And this friend decided to put the times in order from least to greatest just like the number line! Smartie pants!


You can download this sort plus a few more by clicking the picture below.


Once we got the hang of it, we created sunflowers with the analog, digital, and word form of time.

Clocks-3-2 Clocks-2-2

You can download the craft by clicking on the picture below.


One of my rotations during our math stations is the teacher table. We always just practice and extend more on the skill that was taught during whole group during this time. We sorted times on to TRUE or FALSE mats and matched analog and digital times.

Clocks-6 Clocks-1-3

These will now go into our station tubs for next week.

You can download these sorts by clicking the picture below.

Slide1 and here.

The other kiddos worked on reviewing skills from earlier this year during their stations. Graphing, finding the missing part, and fact families.

How’s that peace sign for a nice photo bomb?!!

Clocks-7 copy Clocks-5


You can download all these plus the clock match by clicking on the picture below.

Slide1  And there you have it. Our math this week in a nutshell!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sequencing and Adjectives with Apples!

I am always looking for ways to bring in some cute crafts that focus on our weekly skills. Last week in reading we learned about sequencing. Since we use a basal in our district, we read the basal story to introduce our skill for the week and take a comprehension test on Wednesdays. That gives us Thursday and Friday to bring in other books for that skill and any cute crafts! On Thursday we made applesauce! We talked about how we were making it, the ingredients that we put in and we really focused on time words like first, next, then and last.

Apples-1 Apples-2

Afterwards, the kiddos ate up the deliciousness and created this apple craft writing the sequence of how we made the applesauce. You can find the craft here.


We also created a graph on whether or not we like applesauce.


This week in language arts we are learning about adjectives. We started off with a quick Brain Pop Jr. video and then got down to business. Each table got an apple. They had to write down words on their plate that described their apple (we focused on 5 senses). Then of course they got to eat their apples!


Then they each got a few apples, wrote their adjectives on them and added them to our basket full of apples. My adorable team mate has the apple craft here.

Apples-7 Apples-8

I’m headed to pack the car for Houston. We head out tomorrow for check ups on our angel baby. Please pray for good results and safe travels.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Short Vowel Bingo FREEBIE!

Hi friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your families! We took miss priss to Urban Air, an indoor trampoline park, and let me just say that I am WAY too old to jump off in to a pit or play dodge ball on a trampoline! Way too old!!! My entire body is sore!

I am popping in real quick to share a freebie with you! I created this Short O Bingo game to play with my kiddos this week since we are reviewing that sound.


You can download it for free by clicking below!

Slide1…..and if you are looking for more vowel Bingo, I put together all the vowels here!

Slide01  Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Five 4 Friday

I’m linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for a little Five for Friday fun…on a Saturday that is! It’s going to be short and sweet because we are about to head out with family to take my priss to an indoor trampoline park! She seriously cannot wait!

This week we worked on character traits! I always try to push this skill in any time I read a book to get my kiddos familiar with it. We read Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon and then created a {{not so cute}} anchor chart to describe her along with a fun little craftivity.

photo 4You can download the craftivity by clicking below.

Slide1In math we are working on composing and decomposing numbers to 10. We learned about lots of different strategies for adding. One of their favorites was the “Flip Flop” Strategy. We used Amy’s craftivity and cards to practice. I think the flash on my camera caused the number sentence to not show up on the flip flops!

Slide3    Slide2

And, we practiced a LOT with this skill during math groups.

Slide1For decomposing numbers we used goldfish! Subtraction is always so tricky for our kiddos so my team made things yummy and exciting with lots of goldfish, cubes, and writing on desks.

photo 1

You can download the goldfish mat by clicking below.

Slide1 One of my literacy stations is Word Work. The minute I saw Reagan Tunstall’s Word Work pack I fell in love and knew I had to use it in my room! Every week we do the same word work activities. I love it because it is consistent and the kiddos are so independent at it! Her pack requires very little prep work. The class favorite is the book. They LOVE using our glitter bingo markers! You can find the markers here on Amazon.

photo-10And…I saved the best for last!

Our angel baby turned 3 months old this week! He is getting stronger every day. His sissy has a LOT to do with that! She plays and talks to him constantly!


Visit Doodlebugs Teaching to see what others are sharing for their Five for Friday!



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Math Stations

Hi friends! I wanted to share with you all how math stations run in my room. First off, my stations are far from perfect. If you were to walk in my room during this time you would see real life! Kids are all over the room and lots of talking (even giggles) are going on! I do not expect my kids to be completely silent during this time. I like to see and hear my kids working together.

I put together a couple of pictures for you all to show you how things look. Let’s start with storage and rotations!

Slide2Slide1Slide4 The above activities are from my Back 2 School Math Centers and Number Fun. I also use stations from Cara Carroll, Amy Lemons, Reagan Tunstall, and Jessica Travis.

Slide5The apps in the picture above are Equalo and Math Dots. My kiddos LOVE these!

Slide6Slide3  Activities above are from my Number Fun pack and Amy Lemons Addition Strategies pack.

How do you do math stations in your room?



Thursday, September 11, 2014

Main Idea

Tomorrow is Friday my friends! This has only been my second week back in the classroom {last week we were in Houston for our angel baby’s surgeries}, and I am in need of a 2 day nap like non other! I need some serious sleep y’all. Like for real.

This week we have been learning all about main idea, what it means, how to find it, and all that good stuff. Last year we started off with this, but this year, I wanted to change it up a bit. I don’t know about y’all, but Moby from Brain Pop Jr is HUGE in my room! He always makes the kids giggle! To get things going, we watched his main idea video. Afterwards, we read Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey! We found lots of details along the way, and then discussed the main idea of the story.


  The kids then worked in partners to complete their very own Hally Tosis and wrote about the main idea and one detail from the story.

Slide2 Slide3

In math, we have been learning about the different types of graphs so we threw that in with reading to see how many friends would want Hally as their pet.


You can find the Hally craft below for free! This book is also great for teaching problem/solution and good hygiene!

Slide6  I would love to hear how you teach main idea in your classroom!

And, before I go,….because you all know how much I love to find a cute and cheap top for my closet, I must share how fabulous this online store is that I came across.

Poppy and Dot!

I snagged this insanely adorable kimono for cheap!

Slide5 Don’t forget to let me know how you teach main idea in your room!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Week Recap

It seems like every year I forget how much energy I use during the first week back. You can bet Sonic got my business every single afternoon! There’s just nothing better than a Dr. Pepper right after school!

Our internet is finally back up and running! Thank goodness! When you live out in the country….the internet is few and far between!

To recap our first week, we read lots of back to school books and talked a LOT about 3 star coloring, cutting and gluing! One of my very favorite B2S read alouds is The Recess Queen. It is such a wonderful book to discuss bullying, recess rules, character traits, and comparing/contrasting. After reading, we discussed ways we could be a recess friend like Katie Sue.


The kiddos loved this book and beg to read it every day!


We also read Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun! Adore! Have you read it? It’s a back to school must!


After reading it, we compared the two characters in the story and followed up with comparing ourselves to a friend.

Slide06 Slide07

We ended our week with another one of my favorite back to school read alouds, Ememy Pie. After reading, we talked about different characteristics we would want in a friend. We added those characteristics to our pies and decorated them with all the things we think our friend would like to eat! I love how the pie on the left says “food” as a characteristic! I agree! There’s just no way we can be friends if you don’t enjoy food with me!

Slide05   Slide04

All the activities above are from my Back to School Read Alouds pack.

I’m going to back up for a bit to the week before the kids came back! As some of you may already know, I received the honor of being the District Elementary Teacher of the Year this year. The Texas Rangers held a Teacher Appreciation night at the ballpark so taking the teacher car was a must!


Part of being the District Teacher of the Year at our district is giving a speech at our Convocation. I have sweated puddles over giving this speech since May! I thought that maybe a cute pair of heels to go along with my outfit would calm my nerves! Um, notsomuch. First off, I couldn’t even walk in the heels (I’m a flats and sandal kinda girl), AND then, I started to get all sweaty armpits thinking about falling in them in front of the district! Oh brother! So, needless to say, I ended up wearing flats!


I hope you all had a wonderful first week back! This tired momma is off to bed!