Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kick up your feet and stay awhile!

…because this is going to be like looking through a vacation album! Yikes!! Ok, so maybe not that bad because I have a little incentive for you! IF you make it through this post of classroom pictures without falling asleep, you can snatch up a freebie at the end. :)  :)

Welp, I have completed my one hundredth and millionth (yes, that qualifies as a number) hour in my classroom! I am exhausted and glad I am d.o.n.e with the setting up and decorating. Every year I spend so much time fluffing my room and making it Fancy Nancy approved that I completely neglect getting my lesson plans ready. I told Mr. McDreamy that was NOT going to happen this year (I like to keep him informed of my back to school plans so he can hold me accountable). So…I allotted myself 2 weeks to get the fanciness done! And, it’s DONE!

Enough rambling. Let the album begin!


This is the area that you see when you walk into my classroom. This is our little meeting area (my favorite space). I kept my calendar very basic this year. In the past years I had tons on there, but sometimes I think less is more. Top left corner are our rule cards from the amazing Cara Carroll. Below those, I have our hand sign posters from Run! Miss Nelson’s Got the Camera. Below those I have my birthday posters. There are clothespins for each child. I will write their name and date of birth on the clothespins and clip to their month. How about that fun little Seuss chair?!? He has been around for quite sometime now…4 years and still holding up. McDreamy made that for me my very first year teaching first grade. The kiddos LOVE this chair. We use this for our show-n-tell chair, author’s chair…well for just about any reason for them to sit in it. 

_-11-2 2

To the left of our door is our little command center. The green box is our “Drop Box” (thank you Pinterest for that adorable idea). The kiddos will put any important notes, lunch money, etc in here in the mornings. Next to it are their mailboxes. They will check this everyday on their way out the door to get their backpacks, etc to pack and stack. On top of the mailboxes is our Mrs. Hudgeons’ Class bucket. It will hold hand sanitizer and flash cards for class restroom breaks, as well as a little behavior management system that the kiddos take with them to specials. The orange bucket is our “behavior stamps” to use with Shannon Kirby’s Behavior Makes Cents. I will choose one table’s table captain (I will post about how I do table captains in our room soon) to get the bucket at the end of each day to stamp their coin for the day and pass it around. The bucket has our stamp pads and coin stamps in it.

_-3-2 _-5-2

_-1-2 _-22

To the left of our door, we have our word wall. Under the eyes I will hang a bag with Shannon Kirby’s Word Wall Celebrations (can you tell that I love her stuff?!). These celebrations are too cute! I can’t believe I didn’t get a full picture of the Lorax eyebrows over the eyes!! Under our word wall is our library. Thank you Reagan Tunstall for your amazing Library labels! They are wonderful! My other labels were getting very dingy! Perfect timing for our library to get a little face lift! I also keep this little blue bucket stuffed full of Seuss characters for the kiddos to read too during the day. The last picture is our small group reading area. The kiddos will keep wipe off boards in these chair pockets as well as any other goodies that may need to go in there. Those little stars on top of the table have numbers 1-6 on them so no arguing over who gets what chair. 


To the left of the board are our objectives. Spelling word pocket chart is to the right of the board, annnd not quite sure yet what I will put on the yellow bulletin board. I am thinking maybe a Writer’s Spotlight board?!? What do y’all think?

Under our board is our Math Stations pocket chart as well as our pockets for Bucket Fillers.


Going clockwise from the board, here is my desk area. Nothing fancy going on here ladies so I am going to just skip right on past this. Blah!

_-7-2 2 _-10-2 

This is our station area. The picture to the right is actually the other side of our little command center. These shelves came from Wal-Mart and I just used red duct tape and taped around the sides to give it a Seuss look. The large green and blue buckets are for our math stations. Once I get all my kiddos, their pictures will go on the red pocket charts and I will rotate their stations daily. The plan every week is for the kiddos to work through all 5 math stations by Friday, but we all know that sometimes that just doesn’t happen. The blue buckets sitting on top of the shelf are our writing toolboxes that will hold the kiddos writing folders, etc. Each table has one. The red and white popcorn buckets are our word work buckets. They are actually stacked up in this picture because I have not set up any stations yet. Usually these 2 shelves are full of word work choices. I bought the red and white popcorn buckets from Dollar Tree and put a label over the “popcorn” that says word work.I usually just keep other word work or math manipulatives in the black storage drawers for quick access.

_-13-2 _-15-2 _-4-2

These cubbies are built in and every year they are just odd to me because we have cubbies outside our doors for backpacks and lunchboxes. I remember my first 2 years teaching, the kiddos kept their books, etc in here but it just became a huge JUNK nest and eyesore. My OCD set in….so I revamped that idea the following year and have stuck with just keeping things we use often in the clear shoe boxes..with labels of course! I won’t bore you with what is in each one. :) The next picture is an idea from Shannon Kirby (if you are not following her by now…you need too)! I will hang the kiddos work on our cabinets using scrapbook paper!!! I added clothespins to the top with student numbers. Then, here is a little picture of our desk set ups. I LOVE group settings! The colored buckets came from the dollar section at Target. The name tags are very simple….just their names will go on these! I use Michelle Oakes’ First Grade Helper so I did not go with the name tags that have numbers, color words, etc on them this year. Oh, and earlier this week when I posted about my room, I completely forgot to mention the purpose of those cute little chair covers. Geez Louise! These will serve as our Book Pockets this year for Daily 5.

Hmmm…ok so I think I have done enough showing and telling for now. I hope you are still awake. :) IF you are, then please feel free to snag up a freebie.

{Click here for birthday posters}


  1. Wow! Your room is awesome. It looks so spacious and clean. I'm loving the colors and Dr. Seuss theme.

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    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

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    Ѽ Lori
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  6. Michelle, Your room is PERFECT!!! My girls were looking at your blog with me and wondered if it was 'real' because it's sooooooo cute. I feel VERY blessed to be on the same campus with you. You are amazing and thanks for always sharing your ideas! You definitely have many, many gifts and talents!

  7. Your room is adorable! I love your blog, I just found you! :) I love how you gave shout out to blogger's products that you used in your room! ;)
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