Thursday, December 6, 2012

Naughty and Nice visitors

After Duck Dynasty, a Sunkist, and going on a night time sight word hunt with Rapunzel, I am ready to share what we have been up to.

Last week, in phonics, we learned about the *th* brother! He is the naughty one that likes to stick his tongue out. So after formally meeting him….

December -1-2

we were ready to go on a *th* hunt! We used our story in our Journey’s reading book to find words that had Mr. TH himself! After finding their words, the kiddos made this little {last minute} hat. The idea seriously came to me as I was walking out the door to head home…whelp, we all know what that does. Yep. I of course went right back into the room and whipped it up. I didn’t get any pics of the kid’s hats {geez}…so, this is my example that I made to show them.

December -2-2 December -3-2

After meeting TH last week, his brother CH came for a visit this week. He was a little more pleasant to meet. :) He is a train engineer!

December -2 December -3

We played a little game of *Headbandz* to review the /ch/ sound. Thank you to my sweet team member for letting me borrow it! Y’all, if you haven’t used Headbandz in your class….you totally should! I am on the hunt to find it this weekend, because I have a feeling it is going to be a weekly request. The kiddos love it!

One kiddo wore the headband, while the rest of the class gave the student with the headband the initial, middle, and final sound in the word. The student with the headband then had to guess their word! Super fun!

December -4-2 

I am sure you can tell by now that I am all about making some hats! So….we made a conductor hat of course!

December -5-2 December -6-2

On the back of the sentence strip, they wrote *ch* words from their weekly story.

I don’t know about y’all, but proper nouns are always so tricky to teach to kiddos. I searched all over blog world for something catchy to introduce it with…and I found this idea from First Grade Fingerprints. Adored the idea!

Meet common cat and Proper Pete :)

{sorry I didn’t get any pics of them before they got attacked by stinky notes}…

December -7

December -9 December -8

this was just too much fun!…and the kiddos TOTALLY got it! Whoop, whoop!!

Afterwards, they sorted noun cards and completed my Sweet Nouns page from my Jingle Bell Rock unit.

December -1

For a little assessment over proper nouns, the kiddos completed these funky noun trees also from my Jingle Bell Rock unit.

December -11 December -12

{lovin’ that *cowboy stadium* for place….that’s what us Texans love}

We have also been working on number patterns…so to get our pod decorated for our Christmas parties, each class made these chains. I let them choose red or green to represent their number pattern (2, 4, 6, etc.) and white to separate the sets.

December -10

Next week, we are going to use this snowflake template {FREEBIE} I created. We are going to use them to review ways to make 10. They will write the sum {10} in the middle and then create 6 separate ways to make 10 on the snowflake stems.

December -5

….you could definitely use these for just about anything. Math, reading {main idea, story sequence}, adjectives, word families,….I could keep going!!

Ok, I am off to finish up a few Duck Dynasty episodes we DVR’d that I missed!!! Geez, I love that show! My momma got me this little Christmas shirt that I am definitely repeating quite often! AND thank you Texas weather for finally letting me wear my Tory Burch boots!! Thought that cold day would never come!

photo-8 photo-9

Tomorrow is FRIDAY y’all!!!