Friday, December 21, 2012

Rudolph game and a little sneak peek!!

Hi friends! Today was our last day of school. Getting out later this year had me a tad bit stressed y’all. As soon as school was out, I went to pick up my little miss from pre-k, quick stop at Sonic, and then off to Wally World {that’s what us Texans call Wal-Mart} to get a few final things for one of our family Chirstmas’ tomorrow. It is at our house and seriously….again, STRESSED!!! We need to finish laundry, turn our living room back into a living room {it’s in full blown play room style right now}, cook, clean the house, finish wrapping presents…{insert a sigh right here, and that pretty much sums up how I am feeling}!!!

Anywho, to wrap up our week, we had some reindeer fun! Each kiddo got a small red sticker {the garage sale dots…I just cut out all the red ones}, they wrote their class number on it, and had to stick it on Rudolph WHILE blindfolded!!! It was HILARIOUS!!

12-21-12-1 12-21-12-2 12-21-12-3

Super fun!!

We also worked on a few New Year’s stuff. If you are looking for some goodies, you gotta check out these from Amy Lemons and A Cupcake for the Teacher! Super fab stuff!!


The weather here in Texas has been so random this week. You wake up and its seriously freezing outside…you leave school and it’s 80. So, this has left me from going to winter to spring to fall outfits all week. Gotta love it.

photo 1-3 photo 2-3

photo 3-1

photo 4-1

I am super duper excited about my newest unit that is in the works….


It has lots of goodies! Literacy, Writing, Math, Science and of course some craftivities!!!

I am off to finish movie night….Polar Express is up next!



  1. LOVE the mustaches! And, we always go until the 22nd or 23rd in my district so I am so with ya on the stress thing! There's some weird rule in WI that students cannot begin the school year until September 1st and need to end in the single digits of June, so the calendar is absurdly tight. Luckily the 22nd/23rd are on the weekend this year so we get a little extra time.'re adorable!
    Growing Firsties