Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Groundhogs, b{ean}s and b{ea}rs!!!

We definitely worked on fine motor skills today! Lots of sorting, cutting and gluing going on in our class!!

I always love discussing Groundhog’s day! I love to see the kiddos predictions after reading a few groundhog books. Their predictions are MOST always a vote for the Spring! These babies are ready to get outside and play!!! With all the storms, and yucky weather we have had lately… we have been doing a lot of indoor recess. Thumbs down!

So, here is a little look at our graph we made based off our predictions. I am sure you can guess what prediction won in our class :)

Smitten With First_Groundhog-4-2 Smitten With First_Groundhog-1-2

After we made our predictions, the kiddos had to write a sentence about their prediction and write a second sentence about what would happen if this prediction were to happen.

Smitten With First_Groundhog-3-2 copy Smitten With First_Groundhog-2-2 copy

You can get these writing activities and crafts in my Groundhog’s Day Fun packet. It is 20% off until Friday, Feb. 1st!

We also made some delicious and colorful jelly beans today for our phonics lesson. We have been working on the two /e/ sounds that {ea} makes.

Smitten With First_Groundhog-2 Smitten With First_Groundhog-3

I forgot to get pics of the sort we did prior to making our jelly b{ea}ns.

You can click {here} to get those word sort freebies as well as the craftivity!

We also enjoyed some jelly beans and bears for the 2 different sounds!

Smitten With First_Groundhog-1

We are off to watch Mr. Hudgeons play soccer. Yes he is 30 and still believes he is 20! The games are always quite the entertainment!!


  1. This post made me laugh because my husband is also 30 and plays on 3 soccer teams!! I tease him all the time about it ;)


  2. Those groundhogs are so cute! I LOVE that craftivity! I told myself I wouldn't buy another groundhog unit, but... this one is just too cute. I might have to break my own promise! :)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  3. The groundhogs are super cute! Love the one with sunglasses! We'll have to remember this one for next year!

    :) Tamra and Sarah @ First Grade Buddies