Friday, January 25, 2013

Once Upon a {TIME} clock activities

Ok, so let me just tell you that our little Disney trip totally inspired all things time in my room this week. We have been working *super* hard on telling time to hour and half hour. I just couldn’t resist on putting a little *magic* into my math lessons this week.
We started off with the basics…what are the different ways time is displayed, what are the parts of a clock, etc. I made this clock for the kiddos to use during our lesson. I love any learning that is completely hands on.
Smitten With First_Clock-1 Smitten With First_Clock-2
After filling in the clock, manipulating the hands to change the time, each kiddo made their very own clock. CanNOT believe that I didn’t get one stinkin’ picture of them. geez.
Today, we wrapped things up with this super fabulously ADORABLE clock princess and prince flip book!!! I mean seriously could they be any cuter?!?
Smitten With First_Clock-1-3 Smitten With First_Clock-2-3
You can snag up this little cutie in my Once Upon a Time packet. I just love how they turned out!!!
Here is a sneak peek at what is all included in my packet…AND it's 20% off this week ONLY!! Sale ends Friday, February 1st! 
I’m off to devour some delicious Chiloso’s dinner!! It is byFAR one of our favorite places to eat!!! :)
Happy Friday sweet friends!


  1. Adorable!!! The clocks look like Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast {my favorite Disney movie}!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher