Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fl{ow}ers, Probability, and a freebie…oh my!!!

Hi friends! We worked our little booties off today!! I was out yesterday with Jury Duty..so there was no time to waste today!

We learned all out the sound of {ow and ou} today. We mainly focused on {ow} today. We will work more with {ou} tomorrow. The picture cards came from the amazing Cara Carroll’s {The Out of Towners} packet.

Probability and Fl{ow}ers-8 Probability and Fl{ow}ers-9

After sorting our words on our charts, the kiddos had to make a list of at least 7 {ow} words to put on their flower. The only rule…they had to make a story with their 7 words. Let the creativity begin! I love when my kiddos get carried away with writing. You could hear a pencil drop!

Probability and Fl{ow}ers-3 Probability and Fl{ow}ers-4

Probability and Fl{ow}ers-5

We used the flower template and writing page from my Plant Fun packet. This was easy peasy mac-n-cheesy!

For math, we worked hard on understanding what probability is all about!

FractionBubbles-7 FractionBubbles-8 FractionBubbles-9

We used these probability cards to identify impossible, possible, and certain. I gave each table a set of cards and let them work as a table to decide the probability. These cards could also be used as an “I Spy” activity.

Probability and Fl{ow}ers-1 Probability and Fl{ow}ers-2

Click {here} or on the pictures below to download the probability activity.

Slide1 Slide4

As a little extension activity, each kiddo had to create their own marble jar and probability sentence!

Probability and Fl{ow}ers-6 Probability and Fl{ow}ers-7

I do not have a copy of the marble jar temple…. I just cut them out free hand style. They are super easy to make.

Happy Tuesday sweet friends! I am off to get my jammies on for some lazy time with my princess and hubby.



  1. Thanks for the great probability freebie! We're tucking it away for when we teach that unit. Love the kid created probability statements!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. I want your probability anchor charts in my room now {obsessed}!!! Pinning them to make for teaching prob. next year. Thanks for sharing the activity!!

    For the Love of First Grade

  3. Your anchor charts are adorable!! What kind of camera do you use? I'm super jealous of how great your pictures look! :)

  4. Very cute probability stuff! Kiddos seem to LOVE learning about probability...

  5. This is an awesome probability activity! Thank you!