Tuesday, April 16, 2013

{Oi}nks, cowb{oy}s, poetry and Earth Day!

Hi friends! We have been super busy this week…and it’s only Tuesday! We have our STAAR testing this week, which I will be administering… so I want to make sure that I am getting everything done this week!!
Here’s a little peek at a few things we’ve been up to.
We always start our mornings off with our phonics skill for the week, and this week has been oi and oy. We made these little {oink} hats for our oi sound. 
oioy_earthday-1 oioy_earthday-2
and these cowboy hats for our oy sound…
You can click {here} and {here} to get the hat templates!
Since this month is all about poetry and Earth day…we summarized a book about this little hairy orange guy who tends to be rather bossy when it comes to saving a silly forest. I am sure you know the exact book I am referring to!! Anywho, we made these 5W poems to summarize the book. I let the kiddos pick their character that they wanted to write their poem about.
The Lorax {who}
was in charge of trees {did what}
a long time ago {when}
in the forest {where}
to help the Earth {why}
The Once-ler
chopped down trees
a long time ago
in the forest
to get rich
I love the way these turned out!!!
We also finished up our day with these silly Earths and trees. Both can be found {here}.
oioy_earthday-6 copy oioy_earthday-4 oioy_earthday-5
Happy Tuesday friends!!


  1. I love your 5W poems, and the drawings to go with them!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. I love the hats and the 5W poems with the lovely drawings. Thank you for sharing these! : )

  3. Sis!! This all LOOKS so fun!! You've been a busy little women down in first grade land. Thanks for sharing.


    Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

  4. The hats are super cute, and we are doing oy oi next week. Thank you!!!

    First Grade Wolves