Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunny Suffixes and Story Pyramids!!

Well, we have been some busy little bees in my room today. We have our STAAR testing tomorrow, so I will be out administering the test for the next two days. sigh

We had lots of new objectives to cover today and no time to waist!! Here’s a little peek at our day today.

After using The Teacher Wife’s adorable ed and ing posters, we brainstormed a list of verbs and made them *old* by adding ed and *young* by adding ing. I just love her adorable posters. After we created our lists I sent the kids off to make these little diddies! Meet Sunny Suffix. Isn’t he just the most handsome little sun you’ve seen?!

You can click {here} or on the pictures to grab him up for FREE!

SunnySuffixes-2 SunnySuffixes-4


We are also working on comparing and contrasting this week in our basal. To summarize our story by comparing and contrasting how the character changed from the beginning to the end we whipped up these story pyramids. Sorry about the terrible pics…left my Nikon at home. Bummer.

SunnySuffixes-8 SunnySuffixes-9

These are a super, easy and creative way to summarize any story. Here’s the details:

Line 1: name of a character

Line 2: two words that describe the character

Line 3: three words that describe the setting

Line 4: four words in a sentence that describe one event from the story

Line 5: five words in a sentence that describe another even from the story

Line 6: six words describing the end

I just gave my kiddos a large piece of manilla paper. They wrote their lines first, then went back and added the pyramid.

And…I just had to share this picture of one of my team members and I from our Harlem Shake video! That’s me rocking some pink hair! Some of the teachers from my school got together and did the harlem shake to pump up our kiddos for STAAR. We are totally shaking the STAAR! You can find our video over at my fabulous friend Sweet-n-Sassy in 2nd!


Well friends, that is all I have for y’all tonight. I have a date with my Rapunzel. We are watching the Voice on the couch in our fanciest gowns. I can’t wait!



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    1. @livelaughilovekindergargen ha!!! Oh we totally rocked it!!! :)

  2. How cute are you?! And those suns... adorable!

  3. Hope you made it through the first day. I'm administering it also (blah). What a great way to motivate your students. I'm sure they LOVED it!!!

    For the Love of First Grade

  4. I think your Suns are Super!! :)