Monday, May 13, 2013

Sly Y, Area, and FREEBIES!!!

Have I told you how much I love to watch The Voice?! It, Good Luck Charlie, and Duck Dynasty run a pretty close race at our house! I just adore Amber Carrington. I am going to show you all just how awesome I am at multitasking by watching The Voice and blogging. I’m pretty cool like that!

Last week we had a new friend visit our room. Mr. Sly Y! He is such a sneaky little thang! Did you know that he *loves* to hang out at the end of words and make the long e and i sound. He can be so tricky at times. BUT… he can’t fool anyone in our class!!


We figured out all his sneaky ways by coding and sorting our words into our Sly Y book!

SmittenWithFirst_May-6-2 SmittenWithFirst_May-7-2 SmittenWithFirst_May-8-2

You can download this book for FREE {here}!!

We also worked a lot on area last week. I gave each of my kiddos a Vis-a-Vis marker and let them find different areas of square units by using the tile on our floor.

SmittenWithFirst_May-12-2 SmittenWithFirst_May-13-2 SmittenWithFirst_May-15-2

I thought my kiddos were going to have a heart attack when I let them write with Vis-aVis markers on our floor!! Just a little side note: I would recommend NOT using Expo markers on the floor….it does NOT come off!! I made that mistake once before!! After they made their figure on the floor, they had to then find 3 more friend’s figures and record them on their paper.


For a quick little assessment to see just how awesome our measuring skills are, I gave each table group this Diggin’ Up Area to complete. You can download it by clicking {here}. Both color and black and white are included in the FREE download.

Slide08 Slide12

Also, we reviewed plural endings with these posters and sorting activity. You can grab both of these {here} for FREE. 


Slide07 Slide08 Slide10 Slide12

And, just because it’s baseball season we had to make a baseball craftivity! We wrapped up our sounds of y with this little diddy!!


You can grab the craftivity {here} for FREE!!

And there you have it! My multitasking was a success!!!


  1. Everything is precious as always! Thanks for the freebies!

  2. All are super activities:) I love the plural endings activity and posters. Thanks for sharing:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  3. I love that sly y book! Your plural activity is great too. So much to pin:) Thank you for the freebies.

    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  4. I'm blown away by your freebies. So many fun activites. At this time of year I'm always looking for new ideas because I'm pretty much done teaching everything. I can't wait to use your sly fox with my class. I know they'll love it. Thank you!
    The Hive

  5. Thank you for the freebies! And I am loving your Mr. Sly Y! Too cute ;)

    Jessica @ Wild About Firsties

  6. Oh my gosh...I love all of these. Thank you so much for the freebies. I too have made the mistake of Expo on the floor...that was a disaster. Mistakes are the best way to learn though I guess! ;)

    First Grade Wolves

  7. So, I knew you could write on desks but floors!?!?! My kids would go nuts....I so wish we didn't have carpet right about NOW! Thanks for the freebie! Love this activity!

    For the Love of First Grade

  8. I love the baseball creativity...and so will my class! Thanks!
    Two Friends In First

  9. Thank you for sharing your cute activities!