Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY tie-dye shirt and dress!! {Monday Made-it}

Last week, I posted a few pics on my Instagram page of my little priss and I wearing our July 4th tie-dye dress and top. I had several ask for a tutorial,…so today (two days late of course), I am linking up with Tara for her Monday Made-It linky party!


First, let me just say that I am no highly skilled seamstress, and my sewing is complete randomness!!

Let’s get started! First up, I went to Hobby Lobby and found my daughter’s dress and my t-shirt, both were 40% off too! Score!!! We got white in both so that we could tie-dye them. They had tons of fun colors!! Next, we folded both the dress and the shirt in half, and tied it with a rubber band so that I would have 3 colored parts…red, white and blue. The rubber band is tied under the arms and right above the bottom of the dress, leaving the middle hanging out so that it would stay white.


  Before I tied the dress and shirt, I filled up 2 gallon bowls with hot water and poured in our dye. I used the powder packs, but the liquid works just as well.

After tying the dress and shirt, I put the top part of the dress in the red bowl, and the bottom part of the dress in the blue bowl….leaving the white part on top of the bowls.


I let these sit for 45 minutes to soak up lots of color, then rinsed them with the good ‘ole water hose! Once most of the die was out, I then put the dress and the shirt in the washer to get any left over dye out.

I left the rubber bands on when I washed and dried them so that the colors would not run. Afterwards, I put them in the dryer before I started to sew!

Again, I am no seamstress, but these are both so easy to make! To make my shirt, I cut across the shirt in a straight line right under the sleeves. Then, I cut both the sleeves off. I also cut around the neck to use the fabric (it’s what’s missing in the picture) for the ruffles on the dress. 


Next, I just folded over the fabric at the top of the shirt one inch….you would do more or less depending on the width of your elastic. Then, I sewed down the part I folded over and pushed the elastic through with a safety pin.

 DIY_dress_shirt-5 DIY_dress_shirt-6

Next, I turned the sleeves upside down and sewed them on! Super easy!


I didn’t like how the sleeve looked so I took the long part on the right, turned it in and stitched it. Then, I took a left over piece from around the neck of the shirt and sewed it across the front for the ruffle. To make the ruffle, I just pinched the fabric together as I sewed it across.


All I did for my daughter’s dress was literally just sew a ruffle across the bottom using the fabric from the neck of my shirt. It took just a few minutes. Again, I just pinched the fabric together as I sewed it across.


And wha-la!  

In other news, I have been enjoying the past few days with one of my sweet and adorable friends Shannon over at Sweet-n-Sassy in 2nd. I think this may have been about the 15th picture we took! Love her to pieces!





  1. With or without the instructions, I still wouldn't be able to pull that off! You have some talent :) even if you think you don't! They turned out so cute! Let's plan lunch soon since you can't make the blogger meet up! :)

    Flying High in First Grade

  2. The shirt and dress turned out terrific!!! So cute!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. These are soooo cute!!! I saw the cutest necklace this week at a workshop that would go nicely with these. ;) -not really
    You're so precious.......LOVE hanging out with you.

    Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

  4. Look at you and your crafty self! I'm with Ashley, even with instructions...I would screw something up! Go you!

    For the Love of First Grade