Thursday, August 1, 2013

Something new and something old!

Let me just tell you that those back to school mornings are going to kick my priss and I right in the toosh! I am a sleeper! She is a sleeper! If it weren’t for my alarm, I can assure you I may just sleep ‘til noon! Perhaps that where my priss gets it from?!?! That girl can sleep!!

While she is sleeping, I try to get up and work on a few things for school. This week, I finished up my newest pack for The Recess Queen! I adore everything about this book. It is such a fun book for the beginning of the year, and also great to get back out and reread after a long break. If y’all know my by now, I love me some craftivities. So of course, I had to throw a few in for this book!



There are several different options included for both the Mean Jean and Katie Sue craftivities in this pack. Also included are 10 graphic organizers to use with the book. Here’s a look at a few that are included.

Slide03 Slide04

Slide07 Slide10

I am super excited about using this pack! You can find everything {here} or by clicking on the picture below.


Be sure to check out my giveaway on Instagram for a chance to win this pack!

Now on to something old. I am Throwing Back with Cara Carroll today over at The First Grade Parade for some fun clock activities. Original post from January 25, 2013.


Ok, so let me just tell you that our little Disney trip totally inspired all things time in my room this week. We have been working *super* hard on telling time to hour and half hour. I just couldn’t resist on putting a little *magic* into my math lessons this week.
We started off with the basics…what are the different ways time is displayed, what are the parts of a clock, etc. I made this clock for the kiddos to use during our lesson. I love any learning that is completely hands on.
Smitten With First_Clock-1 Smitten With First_Clock-2
After filling in the clock, manipulating the hands to change the time, each kiddo made their very own clock. CanNOT believe that I didn’t get one stinkin’ picture of them. geez.
Today, we wrapped things up with this super fabulously ADORABLE clock princess and prince flip book!!! I mean seriously could they be any cuter?!?
Smitten With First_Clock-1-3 Smitten With First_Clock-2-3
You can snag up this little cutie in my Once Upon a Time packet. I just love how they turned out!!!
Here is a sneak peek at what is all included in my packet…AND it's 20% off this week ONLY!! Sale ends Friday, February 1st!
I’m off to devour some delicious Chiloso’s dinner!! It is byFAR one of our favorite places to eat!!! :)
Happy Friday sweet friends!



  1. SO fun! I have never read that book...I feel so out of the look! I've been looking for i t all summer...I think I'll have to break down and order it from Amazon! :)

    Are you going to the North Texas meet up in a few weeks? Ms. Patton's Patch invited me! I think you live in this area too?? I promise I'm not a stalker, lol...I just think you've mentioned it! :)

    1. @Hayley- haha!! Yes I will be there!!!! :)

  2. Yeah!! :) I'm so glad! I'm so excited to meet you and everyone else!! :)

  3. How cute is this!? Can you just share your brain with me for a day or two so I can be just as creative!

    For the Love of First Grade

  4. I love this book too! Great ideas!