Sunday, September 29, 2013

Scarecrows, shapes, sequencing and my visual plans!!!

It’s Sunday y’all! Sundays are my all time fave day of the week! Especially when they are packed with church, family, laziness and food!! If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw where I posted that I am jumping on this whole visual plan bandwagon. I have been playing with it for a few weeks now, but I wanted to wait until I had my schedule all worked out! I finally feel like we have our schedule down to where our mornings and afternoons are running smooth. Before I share my visual plans with you, I wanted to do a quick recap of this week.

We worked a lot with 2D shapes last week. Our main objective was to be able to recognize and identify them by their attributes. This was a familiar skill for them from last year, so they had it down quick! We played “Toss the Bean Bag” on Wednesday to do a quick recap of each shape’s face, sides, and vertices. For this game the kiddos tossed the bag onto a shape and named the face, how many sides, and how many vertices. 


Afterwards, they did an independent practice in their interactive math journals by matching the shape and names. They also had to highlight the sides and mark the vertices. We used the shapes and labels from Amy Lemon’s Shapin’ Up unit. Fabulous unit!

ShapeScarecrowSequencingVisualPlans-1-2 ShapeScarecrowSequencingVisualPlans-2-2

The kiddos also made these shape scarecrows last week! We started off by revisiting each shape and all their attributes. Then talked about the different shapes we could use to build a scarecrow. This is an example that I showed to the kiddos.  ShapeScarecrowSequencingVisualPlans-7I gave each table lots of shapes in all different colors and let them have at it! Love seeing their creativity!  

ShapeScarecrowSequencingVisualPlans-2 ShapeScarecrowSequencingVisualPlans-4

We also worked on action verbs this week. I wanted to tie that into their scarecrows, so the kiddos filled in the scarecrow stories with action verbs. 


Click {here} to download the scarecrow activity.

Reading was all about sequencing! After spending a few days on our basal story from Journey’s we moved right on into fall literature! “There Was an Old Lady that Swallowed Some Leaves” is always a favorite for Fall. After reading the story, the kiddos sequenced the story using a response sheet from Deanna Jump, and completed this craftivity inspired by Cara Carroll. The purple hair cracks me right up!

ShapeScarecrowSequencingVisualPlans-10 ShapeScarecrowSequencingVisualPlans-8

ShapeScarecrowSequencingVisualPlans-6 ShapeScarecrowSequencingVisualPlans-11

Now, onto this week! With this week being a short week, we will spend a lot of time reviewing concepts taught throughout the first six weeks. We have early dismissal on Thursday, and a flex day on Friday! Whoop,whoop!! Here’s a look at what we have going on this week!


And there you have it! I am linking up with Deedee Wills for my first shot at this whole visual plan thang! You can click on any of the pictures or {here} to download the PDF version to view the plans and all the links to some fabulous freebies and products. Make sure you download the plans as a PDF first! Once they are downloaded, you will be able to click on the links.

I will be back this week with a look into how I make Daily 5 work in my room!

Happy Sunday! 


  1. I LOVE all this. Too cute!! Okay, the visual plans.........we can barely get in our normal plans. Impressive sista!!

    1. @Shannon,
      Haha!!! It has been a work in progress all week!!! It took a while to get them done but so worth it! I love having it all in one place! I still keep our normal plans along with these all together for the week.

  2. The scarecrow is ADORABLE! Do you have the template or are you selling it? We are finishing up shapes this week and it would be so cute to add it in!
    Have a great week :)


    1. @Jessica,
      Thank you! There is a download for the scarecrow activity in the post. :)

  3. Those scarecrows and little old ladies are so cute!

  4. How in the world did I miss that?! Thank you so much for sharing :)