Sunday, October 20, 2013

All Caught Up FREEBIE!!

Is it really 11 days until Halloween?!?! Jiminycrickets it flies by!!!

I wanted to pop on real quick before I head out to my sister’s house for a kid baking party to share a freebie with you all that my kiddos made Friday. We reviewed complete and incomplete sentences. This is something that I know we will revisit continually! After working all week on writing, identifying, and sorting sentences I had them make these cute little spiders to wrap it all up. Get it??!?! Ha! Okay, super cheesy…. :)


I split my kiddos into several different groups to have them complete this craft. One student was assigned to read (I always put a strong reader in each group), one had to cut, they all had to sort, and one glued! Cute, simple, quick and fun. That makes them a favorite in my room!

You can download this craftivity freebie by clicking on the picture! And, if you are not needing to sort sentences…this craftivity includes blank templates so that you can customize them to fit the learning that you are doing in your room!


Happy Sunday friends!

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  1. Great resource! I can't wait to use it! We just posted some freebies on spiders also.