Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MLK and freebies!

This week has been a super short week in the classroom for me. I will be out of the room tomorrow and Wednesday at trainings. I am such a sucker for workshops and trainings! It never fails that as soon as I get back in the room….I want to implement everything I learned! I’m not one that likes to be out of the room, but I seriously can’t wait to learn some new ideas!

With this week being so short, we have been super busy! With MLK holiday right around the corner we spent the past two days learning facts about Martin Luther King Jr. and why we celebrate the holiday. We started off watching this great video from Brain Pop Jr. The kids loved it! They begged to take the ‘hard’ quiz afterwards! They rocked it! Afterwards, the kiddos broke into their groups with their elbow buddy and completed this writing about MLK.

Jan13-3 copyJan13-1 copy Jan13-2 copy

This MLK craftivity is from my Peace Love & Dreams pack.

We also reviewed numbers 50 – 80. After building numbers with our rods, units, and base 10 blocks, the kiddos completed this quick and simple place value flip book.


Expanded notation is always tricky for them, so we are pushing this quite a bit in our room!

They also completed these Sort and Stores! They had to read the number, build it, draw it, and then sort it by whether it was greater or less than 50.


If you missed snagging up the math freebies from my visual plans, you can grab both of them here and here.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week! 


  1. Thanks for these awesome place value goodies! We are working on this now & we could use ALL the help!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Your MLK activity was sooooooo darling. Thank you so much for the FREEBIE!!

    One Fab Teacher