Sunday, April 20, 2014

Addition and Subtraction Fun!

Hi Friends. It’s been a while.
I wanted to give you all a quick peek into what my kiddos have been up to this past week. We are learning all about addition and subtraction to 20. This Roll and Move game has been loads of fun. The kiddos beg to play it when they have completed their work, or during station time. They love it!
We started off last week playing just addition with a partner, and played subtraction with it this week. They rolled the die, moved their counter that many spaces, then wrote their addition sentence. The first person to 20 was the winner! Tons of fun!
AdditionSubtractionFun-3 AdditionSubtractionFun-1
The kiddos have also loved playing Make 20 with a partner. Anything with a partner is a huge hit in our room! They rolled two dice and found and the sum on the game mat. After covering up the sum, they had to figure out how many more they needed to make 20, and write the addition sentence. Lots of higher level thinking and discussions going on during this game!
AdditionSubtractionFun-10 AdditionSubtractionFun-11
Problem solving is huge in our district, so addition and subtraction story problems were a must! I used these Flip it! problems to assess how well the kiddos were doing on problem solving. I love when they find different ways to solve the problems.
AdditionSubtractionFun-8 AdditionSubtractionFun-9
You can grab all these activities in my Addition and Subtraction Fun pack here.
And to get things all “Springy”, we wrapped up our plant unit with what plants need in order to live! To see more of what we did last year on plants click here.
AdditionSubtractionFun-5 AdditionSubtractionFun-6
Before I go, I wanted to say thank you all so much for all your emails, messages, and comments you have sent my family and I. Our hearts are so heavy during this season of our lives. We could not make it through each day without our Lord and Savior and all your prayers for our angel baby. As I was leaving school the other day after a long day of Houston doctor visits, I saw this laying in the hallway. What an amazing reminder that God is in control of everything going on inside my angel baby’s body. 
And this guy….he reminds me daily that we are going to be okay.
We would love for you to join us in prayer. We need an army!
Our hearts are forever grateful.

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