Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Week Recap

It seems like every year I forget how much energy I use during the first week back. You can bet Sonic got my business every single afternoon! There’s just nothing better than a Dr. Pepper right after school!
Our internet is finally back up and running! Thank goodness! When you live out in the country….the internet is few and far between!
To recap our first week, we read lots of back to school books and talked a LOT about 3 star coloring, cutting and gluing! One of my very favorite B2S read alouds is The Recess Queen. It is such a wonderful book to discuss bullying, recess rules, character traits, and comparing/contrasting. After reading, we discussed ways we could be a recess friend like Katie Sue.
The kiddos loved this book and beg to read it every day!
You can find this activity in my, The Recess Queen pack here.

We also read Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun! Adore! Have you read it? It’s a back to school must!
After reading it, we compared the two characters in the story and followed up with comparing ourselves to a friend.
Slide06 Slide07
We ended our week with another one of my favorite back to school read alouds, Ememy Pie. After reading, we talked about different characteristics we would want in a friend. We added those characteristics to our pies and decorated them with all the things we think our friend would like to eat! I love how the pie on the left says “food” as a characteristic! I agree! There’s just no way we can be friends if you don’t enjoy food with me!
Slide05   Slide04
All the activities above are from my Back to School Read Alouds pack and The Recess Queen activity here. 

I’m going to back up for a bit to the week before the kids came back! As some of you may already know, I received the honor of being the District Elementary Teacher of the Year this year. The Texas Rangers held a Teacher Appreciation night at the ballpark so taking the teacher car was a must!
Part of being the District Teacher of the Year at our district is giving a speech at our Convocation. I have sweated puddles over giving this speech since May! I thought that maybe a cute pair of heels to go along with my outfit would calm my nerves! Um, notsomuch. First off, I couldn’t even walk in the heels (I’m a flats and sandal kinda girl), AND then, I started to get all sweaty armpits thinking about falling in them in front of the district! Oh brother! So, needless to say, I ended up wearing flats!
I hope you all had a wonderful first week back! This tired momma is off to bed!

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