Friday, October 3, 2014


Math was all about time this week. Our district follows TRS (old C-Scope) for math so we only worked with time to the hour this week. We will work with time to the half hour later on in the year.
We started off very basic – relating a clock to a number line. I used index cards and string to create a very simple number line to 12. We talked about how a clock is indeed a number line – just in a circle.
Clocks-1 2
We hung it up on the board, I would call out a time, and the kiddos had to help me move the hour hand and write the digital time. I just attached the hour hand to a clip on magnet – makes it easy to move around.
Afterwards, we followed up with some independent practice in our math journals.
And this friend decided to put the times in order from least to greatest just like the number line! Smartie pants!
You can download this sort plus a few more by clicking the picture below.
Once we got the hang of it, we created sunflowers with the analog, digital, and word form of time.
Clocks-3-2 Clocks-2-2
You can download the craft by clicking here.
One of my rotations during our math stations is the teacher table. We always just practice and extend more on the skill that was taught during whole group during this time. We sorted times on to TRUE or FALSE mats and matched analog and digital times.
Clocks-6 Clocks-1-3
These will now go into our station tubs for next week.
You can download these sorts here.
Slide1 and here.
The other kiddos worked on reviewing skills from earlier this year during their stations. Graphing, finding the missing part, and fact families.
How’s that peace sign for a nice photo bomb?!!
Clocks-7 copy Clocks-5
You can download all these plus the clock match by clicking on the picture below.
Slide1  And there you have it. Our math this week in a nutshell!


  1. Building the clock like a number line is SOO smart!! I'm going to have to remember that!!!

  2. Love the number line in a circle idea! That's something that will really help my children visualise the analogue clock face! Thank you for these great ideas and freebies :)
    Early Years with Sheri

  3. I am loving all the freebies! Thank you! I can't wait to use these activities when I teach time.

    Ms Richards's Musings