Thursday, November 13, 2014

All about them blends!

We have been all about them blends, bout them blends, bout them blends! And the kids are having "no trouble" with them...{see what I did there?!?!}

We have worked non-stop finding the blends in words, matching them to pictures, writing blends, and  just about anything that deals with blends....we have done it! 

We sorted words that have final blends - and words that do not. 

We also created a Feast of Blends with baked turkeys

You can find the turkey craft here for free. The final blends pack can be found here for free and the S Blends pack here

And there you have it!

I am off to pick up the house a bit before our angel baby's PT gets here! Christmas decoration boxes are EVERYWHERE!!! 

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  1. I've determined I've got to do more of this interactive journaling next year!! Thanks for the freebies, cute as always!

    For the Love of First Grade