Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Questionnaire!

I'm linking up with Michelle at Fabulous in First for some Christmas Questionnaire fun! 
Here we go! 

1. When do you decorate? 
We always start decorating way early! Like the first weekend of November early! I am obsessed with Christmas decor! It literally looks like Santa threw up in my house! 

Our tree is decorated with all sorts of randomness, but that's just how I like it. It has school made ornaments, ornaments from when we were kids, and several that we have bought or ones that we pick out each year (more on that below). 

I made the burlap tree skirts years ago. You can find the tutorial here. They now have them at Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap!  

2. Elf or no Elf? 
Elf! His name is Kevin and P adores him! I am not big on the whole 'naughty' elf thing, so our elf always shows up on December 1st with a North Pole breakfast and lots of Kindness Missions for us to complete!  

I have also seen several great packs for using kindness elves in the classroom!

3. Christmas cooking or no baking?
We usually bake cookies for Christmas and give them to family or friends. This year baking cookies was one of our Kindness Missions! 

4. Favorite Holiday Tradition?
We have lots of traditions but one of my favorites is baking a cake for Jesus' birthday! You can read more from when I blogged about it here, but singing Happy Birthday to Jesus is the 1st thing we do every Christmas morning! 

We also pick out a ornament each year! This year P picked out a cross, Angel Baby got an airplane to represent how his story is being shared with thousands around the world, the hubby got a target (can you tell he is a hunter?!?!), and I chose Lord of All. 

I also had Angel baby's foot made and P's hand! I am in love with how they turned out! 

Another favorite is opening a new Christmas book each night. 

5. Favorite Christmas Movie
These are a few of our favorites right now!

6. Snow or no snow?
I love snow, but I am not big on cold weather! I'd rather wear a v-neck, jeans and flip flops! Guess that's why I love Texas so much. You never get bored with the weather 'round here! 

7. Favorite Christmas Song?
Merry Christmas Baby!

8. Favorite Gifts to Give or Get?
I love to spoil others! I always go overboard! One of my favorites is the 5 Days of Christmas that Angel baby gave to his sitter! She is amazing! 
And of course my favorite gifts are from my babies or anything that can hang in my closet!!! 

Link up with Michelle to share your Christmas Questionnaire!

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