Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More skip counting

This week we continued our learning on skip counting. Skip counting can be tough for little ones - especially if you start at any given number. Here in Texas, starting at any given number is quite the big deal! 

To help with this, we used these number line ropes almost daily! 

You can read how to make these here

During small groups I gave the students a starting number and the skip counting pattern - then they had to show the following 2 numbers. 

I love these things! You can use them for so many concepts! 

While I was working with math groups, the kiddos in Journal rotation completed this 100s chart by filling in the missing numbers skip counting by 2s. 

During a math training, our curriculum coach showed us these skip counting chains. 

I gave each kiddo a hundreds chart and had them use a number line (or fingers) to skip count by 10's to 100 and highlight the number they landed on. Then, they cut between each set of 10 and attached the strips together to create a chain. You could also use these to count by 5s. 

Afterwards, they each got a string and and tied the ends to create a skip counting necklace. These were a great way for the kiddos to see the pattern. I used this 120s chart from Haley O'Connor and just cut off the numbers past 100. 

We also made skip counting hats. You can download the hands here or here

And there you have it. A few more skip counting ideas to put in your file cabinet! 


  1. Yay! Thanks for sharing the tips Texas friend!

  2. I think the chains would be a great 100th day activity too! Well, any of these activities would if you skip cout to 100 ;-)