Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sight Word Party!

Sight words are huge in first grade! We read them non-stop. I am always racking my brain for different ways to practice them. I always like to have a variety of ways to practice so the kiddos don't get burned out. So, Sight Word Party was created! 

Here's a more detailed look into the party :) 

 My kiddos love anything and everything that is Bingo! I wanted something that was editable so that I could change out as needed. These Bingo boards are all editable. Just click the box and type in your word list, or you can use a Vis-a-Vis marker to write your words on the board and wipe them off when finished.  It also includes the card template. 

3 different editable game boards are also included. Again, you can click in the box to type your words, or use a wipe off marker to write the words. 

All you need is dice and counters for the game boards! 

Do you love spinner boards as much as me? Goodness gracious I am a sucker for anything that can be made into a spinner game! There is just something about a paper clip and thumping that takes things to a whole new level of fun!

There are 2 spinner activities included. 

Spin a Word: spin the spinner - find a word on the word wall (or word list) that has that many letters and record. 

Spin and Write: spin the spinner - write a word from the word word like the number says. 

Throw some dice into sight word work and it makes it ten times better!

There are 2 dice activities included that are very similar to the spinner activities. 

A few more fun things going on at this party...

.....and a few basic printables such as ABC order and assessment pages. 

All activities include both full and half recording sheets to save on paper if needed. 

If you'd like to join in on the party you can find everything here! 

I'm off to tuck my little bitties into bed. Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

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  1. Whoo! Just put this on my wish list. Love the ideas. Thank you so much. I know I will be purchasing this and using it often.