Monday, January 12, 2015

We've got this!

Reading is all about comparing and contrasting this week. This is such a fun skill to teach. We started off talking about how a venn diagram can help us organize what is the same and different about two things. As a group we compared winter pictures on the board and then broke into table groups to show off our learning. 

Each table got 2 different winter pictures to compare and contrast. Check out this inventive spelling. It makes my heart gush with all things happy!!

This group had a snowball and snowmen. "Buttens" makes me giggle!
I don't know about y'all but anytime I group more than 2 kiddos together...sweat and fussiness starts brewing! To help prevent that, I always give each kiddo a job. A writer, gluer, cutter, on tracker, work checker...or anything else the group might need! It usually always keeps things from getting too sweaty! 
You can download the winter pictures here and here

With MLK day being next week, we made these writing crafts to spruce up the hallway!

Brain Pop Jr has a wonderful video on MLK. 

You can find the craftivity plus more by clicking the picture below. 

Now, I'm off to cuddle up with my babies and watch some Girl Meets World! Please tell me I'm not the only adult that loves this show?

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  1. Using paper plates to create Venn digrams is a smart idea!