Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Vowel Team Freebies

Since my kiddos are still referencing to the pretty 'lil cheerleaders I introduced last week for ai and ay words; I knew I needed to create more vowel team friends to help with our oa and ow sound this week. So,... our g{oa}lies were created! 

These two g{oa}lies have been visiting us all week to sh{ow} us the long sound for oa and ow. 

You can download the templates to create the vowel team goalies here

OW is tricky y'all. Sometimes it makes the sound /ow/ as in cl/ow/n. After sorting ow words on the board, the kiddos had to create a picture with a goal and code their ow and oa words. 

If the word makes the long o sound then they glued it inside their goal. If not, then they glued it outside the goal. 

You can download the words for the sort here

Tomorrow, we will extend our learning by taking things outside (fingers crossed for pretty weather) and use a real soccer ball! Check back to see what we do!

...and if you are wanting to use these Vowel Team mini posters for your classroom, click here to download! 

I'm off to get a few hours of sleep in. I've got one sick baby in the house with RSV so sleep is few and far between! 


  1. Thank you for these ideas... We're hitting vowel teams in a few weeks and my kiddos will love these!

  2. Great idea! My kids will love it, and remember it!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Super cute...thanks so much. Sure hope your little angel is soon feeling 100% again AND you get some rest, too. Remember those is hard being a mom, hard on your body AND your heart. Hugs to you and your little one.:)

  4. So great! You are clever and generous. Thank you so much.