Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vowel Teams

I wanted to drop in real quick before I pick little man up from daycare and take Priss to Gymnastics! 

This week is our second week learning about vowel teams. Geez these things can be so tricky!! I have these posters hanging up in the room to remind the kids that the letters work as a team to make 1 sound! 

This week our focus is on ai/ay. I made these cheerleaders to (hopefully) anchor down our learning that these letters say /ay/ just like cheerleaders do when they say "YAAAAAAY"!!!!! I may or may not have acted like a cheerleader when introducing these! 

I made these quickly yesterday morning, but put together a few templates for you if you would like to use them in your room!

You can download them here!

....and we read The Day It Rained Hearts and made these adorable umbrellas from Across the Hall in 2nd to hang from our ceiling! This book is perfect for ai and ay! 

There you have it! I'll see you later this week! 


  1. So many cute ideas loaded into one tiny post! I love the vowel team ideas definitely going to be borrowing it.
    Thanks Michelle as always great engaging ideas.

  2. Love how you call them teams instead of pairs! So much easier to understand. And how did you whip those cheerleaders up quickly one morning. They look to good to be a quick project!

    For the Love of First Grade

  3. Those are adorable! Thank you for the templates!