Monday, March 2, 2015

All about those graphs!

Hi friends! We are packing for a 3 day trip to Houston for checkups on Angel Baby, so I gotta be quick! 

We have been all about graphs in math the past 2 weeks! 

Today, we worked in our interactive journals! The kiddos always love to use these!

In small groups, we played Spill and Graph!
I placed all the cards in a little tub and picked one kiddo to spill them. We flipped over any that landed on white. This was a great activity to discuss sorting and how helpful that skill is for us in lots of different things!

One of the math groups played Spin and Graph

All of the graph activities above are from my Graph pack

Another group used these coin puzzles to review counting coins. You can find the coin puzzles here for free.

They used our 100s chart to count their collection first and then found the matching amount. You can also find free 120 charts to use with your collection of coins here for free. 

Ok, the hubby is telling me to wrap it up! 

See you all later on this week! 

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