Monday, March 16, 2015

Back in the saddle!

We were back in the saddle today! Those of you that are on Spring Break this week,...we can't talk right now. 

Even though I'm pretty bummed I don't get to lay in my jammies all day with my babies, I was excited to get back in the classroom. 

We started this morning off exploring a new sound! The kiddos had backpacks on there desk and a crazy looking teacher when they arrived!

Of course we had to make hats! 

Inside their bags were binoculars and small compasses from The Dollar Tree. Y'all, you would have thought I piled up gold in those bags! 

Once the kiddos had all their gear, it was time to meet our visitor to see what our quest was for the day!

First, she told us all about the sound the two o's make in her name! Next, it was time to help her sort words. We buried the ones that did not have the short oo sound. 

Afterwards, she sent us off to discover words with the short /oo/ sound and adding them to our very own explorers that we created!

The smartie on the right pulled out her library book to discover words in! 

Then, it was time to go on a quest! We had to rhyme words, complete words, count the letters and sounds, and much more.

I've had several questions about how I fit all these activities in to my phonics time. Y'all. It's all about striking two birds with one stone! The kiddos completed their quest and word hunt during literacy stations. 

And that just about wraps up our phonics time for the first day back! 

You can find all of these activities plus more in my Looking for Words pack here! If you recently purchased this, please re-download - I fixed a few typos!