Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Phonics made fun!

I am all about making phonics engaging and relatable. I mean, how many different sounds are in the English language? Too many for my adult brain to even get sometimes. I can't imagine how overwhelming it is for my kiddos. 

I like to start each phonics skill with something catchy for the kids to apply the sound to. Sometimes its a visitor, dressing up, play on words, or anything fun. Last week we had so much fun exploring the short oo sound that I had to make this week's learning of long oo just as exciting. 

Meet Dr. BOOwie

She came by to get our help with sorting and diagnosing words. 

We became doctors and started diagnosing our words. 

Any words that had the long double oo sound were diagnosed with Long Double-O-Itis! The kiddos got gloves and started their sorts. 

They glued all their long double-o-itis words to their patient's clipboards.

And, of course doctors have to make their rounds when they are in the clinic, so the kids made their rounds and visited several patients. Some patients needed help with rhyming words, some with missing letters and some with sounds. 

Day 2, we sorted through healthy and sick words. Any words with long double-o-itis went into the kiddo's Book of Boo Boos

All the activities above are from my Diagnosing Boo Boos pack

Switching over to science - we are working with plants for the next few weeks. 

Today we watched a video on Brain Pop and made these Plants Need craft. These are always a favorite every year. 

We wrapped up our Shape Unit today and have fractions coming up tomorrow. I'll be back this week with a few fraction freebies! Here's a little sneak peek at one of them!

I'm off to snuggle with my babies and watch The Voice! 

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  1. Please, please, please keep coming up with these fabulous phonics ideas! I LOVE them all!