Thursday, March 19, 2015


In math we have worked non-stop on 2D shapes this week. 

We started the week off getting to know our shapes and learning all about their attributes. After reading The Greedy Triangle, we went over our shape posters and created shape cards for our math word wall (more on those tomorrow). 

We made Flip Its in our math journals to label and write the names and attributes for each shape. 

We also read When a Line Bends...A Shape Begins and made our shape hats. I love how some of my kiddos got very creative and turned their shapes in to real life things! Genius!

We also built shapes on our geo boards. I would tell the kids that I was thinking of a shape with 4 sides and 4 vertices that had opposite equal sides. They had to create the shape they thought I was thinking about. They loved this! We went through each shape. I also found these cards here that are great for geo boards. 

Yesterday we listened to the story The Shape of Things on YouTube and took a shape walk around the school to look for real word objects that were shapes. Afterwards, the kiddos created a picture collage using their pictures and the app PicCollage. They also completed my Real World match page for a grade. Gotta get those grades in! 

I emailed their collage to myself, printed them out, and each group presented theirs today. We also made the collages in to a class book for our class library. 

No fancy fonts on my school computer....Curlz will have to do! 

So fun! 

We also became detectives and created Shape Files

Today, we became shape makers and had to create new shapes using 2, 3 or 4 shapes. Here in Texas, 1st grade only teaches hexagon, square, rectangle, circle, triangle, and rhombus. Although we had other shapes mixed in with our pattern blocks, I told the kids they could only use the above shapes. I also told them they could use no more than 4. 

Afterwards, they picked their favorite one and used these paper shapes to Shape Up their shapes and make a new one! 

They turned out so cute and perfect for the hall! 

Another favorite activity was Shape, Rattle, and Roll. I put the attribute page on the document camera, gave each kiddo a die, and let them go. It was a great way to see who has the attributes down and who still needs a little more time.

You can find the activities above in my Shape, Rattle, and Roll pack here

Tomorrow we will sort our shapes by amount of sides and whether or not they are all equal. I plan to print these shapes off and give each table some to sort. Afterwards, they will complete the sort page below. 

You can download those here for free! It includes both color and black and white shapes for sorting. 

Hope you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY tomorrow!


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  3. Can I be in your class? Or at least a fly on your wall. TOO fun!

    For the Love of First Grade