Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No Worksheet Wednesday

I’m linking up with The Primary Chalkboard to show a few things we have done for No Worksheet Wednesday.

We wrapped up fractions on Monday and started our time unit yesterday. The kiddos created clocks with butcher paper and sticky notes. 

We also created this large life size clock outside our room with sticky notes and tape! Simple and effective!

The kiddos used it to show their time using their body as the hands. 

The kiddos paired up with a partner and created these clocks to display the analog, digital, and word form of a certain time.

In phonics, we used tissue boxes and sticky notes to create onset and rime dice. The kiddos rolled both real and nonsense words. 

In reading, we used my Guided Reading spinner activities to work on comprehension. 

Stop by The Primary Chalkboard to see what others are doing instead of worksheets!

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