Tuesday, May 19, 2015

David Shannon

Do you use a basal to guide your reading curriculum? My district uses Journeys, and although those stories are great, my kiddos were ready for something different. After wrapping up our Journeys stories we moved right into my very favorite author study! David Shannon! His books are a hit every single year. 

We started off with a very well known one. A Bad Case of Stripes. After reading, the kiddos had to make a connection to the story by thinking of a time that they were embarrassed. 

They also had to identify the problem and solution in the story and write those on Camilla's bows. 
I love how this friend turned Camilla into a cheetah rather than covering her with stripes. 

The following day we read about Spencer and all his toys! Too Many Toys is a book that many of my little friends can relate too! I know my personal children can! #toysarecomingoutofmyears

The kiddos changed the end of the story by telling what Spencer could do with all of his toys. 

We also read Alice the Fairy. The kiddos wrote character traits about Alice and what they would do if they had their very own magic wand. We added streamers, stickers, and letters to jazz up our wands! 

I didn't get any pictures of the kiddos Davids, but it was a MUST that we do a review ASAP over our rules. #myhairwasturningcrazycolors

We read David and listed a rule that we were going to work on! Here are few different activities that your students can do when reading David Goes to School
-compare/contrast themselves to David
-summarize the beginning, middle, end of the story
-write a letter to David
-tell how they would help David make better choices

You can find all these in my Fun with David Shannon pack here

If you have purchased this in the past 2 years, please re-download! Goodness what was I thinking before....???

It got a much needed makeover! 

We are working on fairytales this week! I will be back soon to share a few of our craftivities! 

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  1. Isn't it hilarious to go back and look at your first products? Haha What were we thinking?! :)