Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Word Problems

Happy Hump Day friends! We have 2 more hump days until we are out for summer and this lady is every bit of ready. I love my job. A ton. But, being home with my babies can't come soon enough! 

This week we have worked on word problems. I ended up creating a few things that I really wanted my class to use while tackling this skill. It is a tough one for the littles. 

To jazz things up I told the kiddos that they would become detectives this week. Little things like that will definitely get those ears perked up! I talked to them about what detectives do and what tools they use. We use Thinking Blocks on a daily basis so looking for clue words was nothing new for my kiddos. I gave each kiddo a magnifying class, some word problems and off they went. 

They had to circle key words....

They also had to choose a "tool" to help them solve their case. Their "tools" had to be a strategy that we had previously learned. 

Afterwards, they glued their "cases" and their hats to a sentence strip!

I love how this little cutie drew herself using "mental math". 

We also solved our Flip Its in our math journals...

Yes, I do realize some of these are not correct - perfect reteach moment. #wordproblemsaretoughwork

...and completed this Three in a Row activity by matching the word problem to the correct strategy and number sentence. 

We also began writing our own word problems by using these Top Secret Files. 

They completed the blanks to make their word problems, solved them, and then wrote what tool they used to solve it. 

To wrap things up, we created more word problems all on our own using different clip art pictures. 

Afterwards, we laminated them and turned them into a class book. I have a feeling this book will never stay on the shelf! 

You can find all these plus others in my newest pack, Putting it all Together. You can find it here

I am off to cuddle with my babies. I will be back soon to share some fairytale freebies! 

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