Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Makeover Madness Round 3

I told y'all this was dangerous! 

Today I am linking right back up with these girls for another round of Makeover Madness

This time I am doing one of my absolute favorites! The Recess Queen.  It is the PERFECT book for back to school. If you do not own it, I am telling you now that you MUST get it. You can find it here

I added 4 different interactive graphic organizers for our journals. We used our math ones like crazy this year (you can read about those here), so my goal for next year is to use our reading ones just as much. I left the 10 printable graphic organizers in this pack. They are perfect to project on your document camera and fill out before, during, or after your read aloud. 

Mean Jean stayed the same...

She comes with lots of different activity options as well as different writing options. 

Next up, 
She too comes with several different activity options and writing options. 

And lastly are the sorting cards for positive and negative recess behavior. In the past years we have sorted these together as a class and then I put them in a center. 

If you purchased this pack in the past, please re-download. You will thank me for it. :) And...if you are interested in taking a look at this pack, you can find it here

I am off to get some things prepped for our Angel Baby's first birthday party! I will see you all later this week. 


  1. Stop making such cute stuff! ;) Well keep going because I love it. Love all the updates!

  2. This is such an awesome pack even before the updates you have done. I love the new additions so much that have put it on my wishlist for back to school. I am loving the challenge - it is such a motivator!

    Hanging Around In Primary