Sunday, June 21, 2015

Makeover Madness Round 4 PLUS a discount!

See, I told you. I knew this would start something crazy in me. 

I'm linking back up with these amazing girls for more Makeover Madness. I spent the last few nights redoing my Back to School Craftivities pack. I just felt blah about it. I created it while we were living out of town in a hospital waiting for Angel Baby to arrive. If you have followed our journey, then you know my emotions were all over the place. Someone should have told me that I was in no state to make anything much less sell it. Geez. My mind was a mess. So, I truly apologize if you purchased this before. Please re-download

I redid and changed up almost every craft. Here is a peek inside. 

The flip flap printables and interactive books stayed the same. There are 15 included. We used these several times throughout the school year with our basal stories too. 

There are still 5 crafts included. I did take out the David Goes to School craft and replace it with another. It is already included in my David Shannon pack so I did not feel that it needed to be in both. Again, not quite sure what was going on inside my head. 
I added a name tag to The Name Jar craft and added a Molly Lou Melon craft to go along with the book Stand Tall Molly Melon

We LOVE Molly Lou. We did this little character trait activity last year and their Molly Lou's turned out adorable. 

Please re-download this pack and dispose of the other! Ha! No wait, I'm serious! 
If you are interested in this pack, you can find it here

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may already realize how ridiculously addicted I am to graphic tees. I originally started collecting them to make quilts for our kiddos, but then things just got out of hand! So, I thought it would be fun to do #fridayfavorite each Friday. I will share one of my favorite graphic tees along with where I purchased it from. 

This week I shared this one. 
We get to choose how we live. Live Happy. I can promise you that when you choose to live happy, it will bless you AND others.

You can find this tee and cardigan at one of my favorite online boutiques called LaRue
Use the code below for 15% off. 
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday. 
I'll see you later on this week. 

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