Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Catching up with Back to School activities

Since I am not one to cook, much less prepare a meal ahead of time, I wanted to catch up on our back to school activities that we have done the past few weeks. Bare with me as I let the pictures do most of the talking. Here are a few of my favorites to do each year. 

Last week we read If You Take a Mouse to School and completed this text connection. 

You can find the mouse templates plus the writing stem here and here

We also spent a great deal of time working on what make makes a good friend. We used Amy Lemon's Bucket Filler activity to display several reminders of how we can fill each other's buckets throughout the day. 

We will keep these hanging up for a while. I want the kiddos to be able to reference to them when they see or hear someone dipping another person's bucket. 

We also read Enemy Pie (one of my favorites) and created a list of things we thought that dad really put in the pie. Afterwards we talked about what the steps were to making a Friendship Pie. The kiddos always love how the story ends. They never expect that the pie will be a friendship pie. 

You can find this activity here

We read The Recess Queen and did this follow up bully activity. 

Their writing at the beginning of the year melts my heart. I love to see their growth throughout the year. You can find this craftivity here

We read The Name Jar and wrote about what makes our names special.  This is also a fantastic book to compare/contrast to Chrysanthemum. 

Um, if this won't melt your heart, I don't know what will!!
Most precious ever! 
You can find this here

I sent home this All About My Name activity for the students to complete with their parents. The kiddos will share the story of their name with our class tomorrow. 

 You can download it here

And, we also made these hats to show that we are STICKING TO RULES in 1st grade! 
I do not have rules posted in our classroom, because my district uses Social Contracts. I let the kiddos write about different rules/expectations that I have for our class. This one cracks me right up! You can find this hativity here
So funny! They know Mrs. Hudgeons does not like anyone acting crazy! Ha!

I will see you all tomorrow for some Teacher Week Blog Hoppin' fun! 

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