Friday, September 11, 2015

Main Idea fun!

This week in reading we worked on main idea and detailsIt can be tough for the little ones. Especially when we are still learning to read and write. 

We started off watching this Brain Pop Jr. video to introduce it. Gotta love Moby! Afterwards, I gave each table group a clear bag filled with these picture cards (details). 
They worked in groups to discuss what the main idea would be. 
Next, the groups walked around the room and taped their details to the poster that had the matching main idea. 
Afterwards, we picked one poster and wrote a story using the details and main idea. 
**this could be easily adapted for a higher grade level by having the students write their stories rather than doing one whole group**
I apologize if there are any typos on the poster. I had every intention of revising and rewriting, but it just did not get done this week! #lifehappensright?

We also did this I'm Puzzled activity to practice details and main idea. I gave each kiddo a puzzle piece that had a detail on it. They had to walk around and find their matching details. 
They loved this! 

They glued their pieces to colored paper and wrote their details and main idea.
They've got this main idea stuff down!

You can find all of the above activities in my newest unit, What's the Main Idea!

We also read Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey. It's always a favorite. Afterwards, the kiddos sorted the main idea and details. 
I do realize their is a small typo on the main idea card. It says "he" instead of "she". It has been fixed!

You can find this craftivity here for free! 


  1. Michelle, I love this idea and have this set in my to buy cart. Question, Do you think Brain Pop Jr. is worth the subscription? I work at a small private school and I have been thinking about subscribing to BP but it will probably have to come out of my pocket this year. Would love to hear your thoughts.
    Pauline @ First Grade by the Sea

    1. Hi there! I'm of course not Michelle ha, but I thought I would mention that Brain Pop has a You Tube channel, so you can check it out for free there. I thought the video was a little more intermediate in presentation, not sure if there is a primary video as well?