Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Non-Fiction Hunt!

Teaching non-fiction text and graphic features can be tricky, especially for the little ones! 

Yesterday, we dove right in to our Journey's basal story, Lucia's Neighborhood. After reading and discussing the different features, I gave each kiddo a sticky note and told each table group which feature they had to look for in their book. Afterwards, the kiddos had to write the page number on their sticky note where they found their feature. Then, they had to stick it to the matching feature poster. 

Yes, the picture above has one of the wrong page numbers on it for the title,... we fixed it! 

I am all about getting my kiddos up and moving especially when it involves learning! 

I hand wrote the posters above, but I made some for you just in case you would like to do this activity in your classroom! 

You can download those here


  1. Michelle, Thank you for all of your posts, freebies, ideas, cute crafts, inspiration, etc, etc, etc! I use all of your stuff with my special ed kiddos and they always love it! I keep my excitement and enthusiasm up as a teacher following you! I may not comment on every blog post, but know that I read them all and appreciate them all!

    Thank you, thank you!!!

    Ashley Lafleur

  2. My kiddos absolutely LOVED doing this! Such a great way to assess their little brains after cramming in so much! Thanks for sharing friend : )