Sunday, October 18, 2015


It's time for some catching up! Last week we reviewed shapes and worked on identifying their attributes. 

We started off with these posters that I made from last year.
Afterwards, we listened to the book The Shape of Things on You Tube. We made each shape on our geo boards and played Guess My Shape. This game is nothing fancy. To play, I told my students "I was thinking of a shape that had ___ sides and ___ vertices". They had to guess my shape and build it. I would change it up by adding in "the shape looks like a ____", or "it has less than ___ sides", etc. They loved it! 
 Next, we made our shape hats by matching the shape to it's name and attributes. 
We also made these Shape Files. Prior to my students making their files, I told each table group which shape they were going to make. 
We sorted our pattern block shapes by their attributes.....
and then worked in pairs to create 2 categories to sort our paper shapes in to. To make the t-charts below, I used washi tape and gave the students these shapes to sort. 
One of my favorite shape activities is Shape Up. Students have to compose a shape by using several different shapes. 
And to get those grades in, my students completed these interactive journal sorts! My students had to sort the shapes by equal and not equal sides....

They also completed this sort where they had to match the shape, shape name, and attributes.

You can find all of the activities above in my Shape, Rattle, and Roll pack and a few other freebies here

Since I'm playing a little catch up,...we also worked on complete and incomplete sentences last week and made these adorable spiders!
You can download the spiders and sentences for FREE here

Before I go, I wanted to share a little peek at my newest Phonics Friend. This is Chef Blend. She is going to teach us all about our beginning blends! I can't wait to introduce her to my students!

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