Friday, November 6, 2015

Cooking Up Blends!

Happy Friday friends! I wanted to share what we have been working on in phonics for the past 3 weeks. Now that we have reviewed our vowels and have them down, it was time to start working on beginning blends

We started off meeting Chef Blend and her recipe book for making blends. 

Afterwards, the students became chefs by wearing chef hats,.... 

Hat clipart by Krista Wallden mixing bowls, spoons, and worked in groups to make blends using letter cards. After they blended their consonants together, they had to find the matching picture for each new sound. 

Next, they created their own recipes for each set of blends. Throughout our 3 weeks we covered s blends, r blends, and l blends. 

My students added our new blends to their recipe books each week.

I sent their recipe books home today for them to read all their recipes to their parents. 

We also made our very own Chef Blends and added words that begin with blends to the bowl.

We also completed lots of interactive journal sorts and matching to continue practicing blends. 

You can find the activities above in my newest Phonics Friend pack , Cooking Up Blends, here. 
.....and in my S Blends pack here

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