Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Week!

Hi friends! I'm playing a little catch up from last week. 

In language arts we worked on prepositions for where and when. Oh boy can these be tough for our little ones! After discussing what  a preposition is, we played "Pin the feather on the turkey"! The kiddos LOVED this. They each had a turn to pin the feather anywhere they wanted to on the turkey. We used magnetic tape on the back of the feather to make it easily moveable. 
Next, we talked about WHEN we would see a turkey. 
*BEFORE Christmas
*AFTER Halloween
*DURING Thanksgiving
...and sorted these index cards onto our venn diagram.
We talked about how the words AT, ON, and IN can be for both. For example: We saw a turkey IN the morning. 
We saw a turkey ON Thanksgiving. 
We saw a turkey AT lunch. 
Those can be pretty tricky.....
Then, each student completed this independent word sort. 
You can find the words for the word sort here

We also worked on synonyms and made these adorable turkeys by Cara Carroll. My students found the matching synonyms and glued them together on a feather. These cards are on my computer at school, so I do not have them here to share. #sosorry
In Reading, we have been working a LOT with author's purpose. 
Our basal story was a non-fiction story this week, so we had the "inform" part of author's purpose down quick. We needed more practice with recognizing the other purposes, so we read these books and talked about how they are written for different purposes. 
Next, we made these pies from my Back to School Read Aloud pack along with Amy Lemons' Reading Flap Up sorts to wrap up our learning. 
We will continue to work on this all year long, but so far, my student's are knocking my socks off with identifying the author's purpose of a selected text. 
....and to wrap up our week before our 9 day break, we learned about the first Thanksgiving and reflected on what we are thankful for. We loved making these adorable Pilgrims and Native Americans by Cara Carroll

Talk to you soon! 

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