Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Grinch Day!

This week has been nothing short of busy. Between school and getting packed for Disney I think I may or may not have had more than the average caffeine intake! 

Today was one of my favorite Christmas celebration days....
Grinch Day! 
The Grinch is just loads of fun! He left streamers, green glitter and foot prints all over the room!
I used a sponge to make the Grinch's feet by cutting the sponge into the shape of his feet. 

After we all came back down from the excitement, we read How the Grinch Stole Christmas and discussed inside and outside character traits of Mr. Grinch himself.  Gotta love those posters from years past that you laminated and still look brand spankin' new! 
Next, we did a directed drawing of the Grinch...
We listed inside and outside character traits. 
Afterwards, we discussed what we would do to get the Grinch to smile and made these craftivities. 
This one makes me giggle!
You can find the templates to this craft (here). We use paper plates each year for his face and hat, but construction paper would work great too! 
We also made these heart ornaments with each of my student's thumb prints. I originally saw this on A Cupcake for the Teacher blog last year and knew I wanted to add it to our day this year. 
We added these quotes from Happiness is Homemade to the back of the ornaments. 
Lastly, we enjoyed these green licked candy canes that Mr. Grinch left in our room! You can find the tags here by Cara from The First Grade Parade
...and there you have it, another Grinch Day in the books.

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