Thursday, December 17, 2015

Reindeer Day

One of my favorite things about the week before our Christmas break is our Reindeer Day! Our kiddos come to school dressed up like little reindeers and Rudolphs and they are just about the cutest little things! 

We started off playing Pin the Nose on Rudolph by placing the red stickers on his face. It is played just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The stickers are the garage sale stickers. I don't really think that is the official name of them, but we have always called them that. You can find them at any Walmart or Target. 
This game is always a favorite! 
We also read the nonfiction book included in Heidi Dickey's Reindeer Unit about reindeer and added facts to our chart. 
Afterwards, we did the reindeer directed drawing from First Grade Blue Skies and added our facts to them by using notecards cut in half.
They did such a great job on them. 
Directed drawings are quite the fave these days. 
We also made reindeer food and used Amy's tags. 
....and made Rudolph ornaments. 
Today was our Christmas parties so I am all sorts of tired. 
I'm off to finish my Sonic drink and take a nap! 

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