Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bossy E and Long A!

Ok, who else is wiped out after this first week back? I swear I feel like I've been sleep walking the past 3 days! #thestruggleisrealyall

This week we started Bossy E and long vowels. Whew. We started our learning off by meeting Bossy E. We talked about how he jumps over the consonant, hits the vowel on the head and says, "HEY, SAY YOUR NAME!" They always think this is hilarious! 

Next, we made these quick and simple Bossy E hats and wrote our spelling words on the sentence strip. 

I had my students code their spelling words. This helps so much when they are reading back over them. 

Bossy E will stay up throughout our long vowel learning as a reminder of what the 'e' does to the vowels to change their sound. 
You can download the pieces to make a large Bossy E here, as well as the hat craft!

This week we are focusing on long a (cvce). We will introduce a new long vowel week by week. We started off identifying words that have long a. I grabbed a stack of sticky notes, wrote some long a and short a  words on them, handed them out, and off to sorting we went!

Afterwards, they sorted their words in their journals. 

 We also sorted long a words by word families.

....and they sorted them in their journals as well. 

 We also practiced decoding long a words by spelling them in our journals. 

One of my absolute most favorite station activities is Write/Read the Room. Over the years I have incorporated our phonics skills into this concept and my students love it. Talk about engaging! Today, we went on a Cake Walk around the room. The students had to read, decode, rhyme, and identify the correct spelling for different long a words

You can find this activity, plus all the journal sorts here in my Long A pack!

Happy Wednesday friends! 

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  1. Even I think that is a hilarious way to explain it! Too clever my friend : )