Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I wanted to stop by and share a few fraction freebies with you all. I love craftivities and always try to make any skill tie into a craft someway or another. There's just something about seeing a cute craft hanging up that makes your teacher heart smile big. 

This week we wrapped up our fraction unit with these Pot of Gold Fractions
Each student had to color and write the fraction under each flip. They also had to write if their fractions was halves or fourths on the clovers. 

Here are a few fraction craftivities that we made last year. You can find those here. 

One of my favorite things to use when teaching fractions is sticky notes. They work like a charm! There are TONS of different shapes, etc that can be used to make different fractions. Here is an example of how we used them to look at equal and unequal pieces. 

We also used them to create halves and fourths. 
You can read more on how we used sticky notes last year here

Happy Wednesday friends! I am officially on the countdown for Spring Break!! 2 more days!! 

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