Saturday, March 12, 2016

SomeBUNNY knows time FREEBIE!

In math, we have been working on time to the half hour. I was out of my room a lot this week due to DRA testing so I did not get many pictures....but I did happen to get a picture of one of my favorite things we did this week! Bunny clocks!

I let each student choose their own time that they wanted to put on their bunny. 
They thought it was hilarious that these bunnies were popping out of Easter eggs. You can download the templates to make these here
Bunny clipart: Krista at Creative Clips 
Egg clipart: Mel at Graphics From the Pond

We also made these suns from my Once Upon a Time unit.

I also wanted to share a quick little station tip with you all before I go. One of my favorite ways to introduce a new matching station activity is by playing Find Your Match. For example, for the station activity below, students had to match the analog clock to the digital time. I gave each student a card and told them to find their match. Once they had their match, they had to put the cards on the pocket chart...we discussed the cards and why they did or did not match. 
Now this activity will go in our math station buckets for next week. You can find this station activity plus several other activities in my Once Upon a Time unit. 


  1. Your bunny clocks are adorable!!

    Where did you purchase your jumbo tassels?

    -Lovely Nina

    1. It is from Target in the party section!