Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Plants and Measurement!

Now that I am caught up on sharing pictures from the past few weeks, I wanted to show you what we have been up to in math and science. 
Last week we started our measurement unit, and lemme just tell ya'....it has been my students favorite! Not kidding! I have been wanting to add some mentor texts into my math instruction for awhile now and I finally went for it! I complied four of my favorite mentor texts for measurement into one big unit called Math in a Snap Non-Standard. This unit comes with lesson plans, vocabulary, small group/station activities, craftivities, questioning cards, anchor charts and more. Here's a peek. 

We started off last week by reading Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy. Definitely a favorite mentor text for measurement. It is incredible. We sorted all the types of measurements and then moved our focus to just length. We sorted the types of units we use to measure length: standard and non-standard. 
We measured Penny using dog biscuits and paw prints. We compared the measurements and wrote about why some of the measurements were different. 
We also added to our KWL anchor chart throughout our learning last week. The discussions that we have had while adding our new learning has been fantastic! 

Another great mentor text we used for measuring is Actual Size by Steve Jenkins. This was a great book for our new vocabulary words, "estimate" and "actual". We started off by estimating the lengths of different animals and recorded them on our digital anchor chart. Afterwards, we used small sticky notes to find the actual length. 

This book was a huge hit! 

We also traced, estimated, and measured our hands. 

We estimated and found the actual length of the gorilla's hand.

...and recorded both the estimations and the actual measurements on this craftivity
We also used our digital anchor chart to compare and order three of the animals from the story. We used this flip flap book to record our comparisons. The size of the squid eye fascinated them! 

You can find all the above activities here. I cannot wait to come back and show you all what books we are using this week! 

Last week in science we learned about living and nonliving things. We made this plant craft. My students had to write and illustrate the four things that plants need in order to live. 
You can find the plant craft here

Before I go, I wanted to share a fundraiser that I am a part of. One of my sweet blogging friends, Ashley Reed, has a coworker that was recently diagnosed with cancer. This bundle includes some incredible units from several different amazing bloggers. This is a great opportunity to pay it forward and bless a family in need. Head over to Ashley's blog here and see how you can help donate. 

Happy Tuesday friends! 

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  1. You are simply too precious for words. Thank you for giving the fundraiser one last shout out before it ends on the 15th. Love you sister in Christ!! <3