Sunday, April 10, 2016

Vowel digraph oo

One of our favorite phonics friends is Dr. BOOwie. She teaches us about the long double oo sound. 
Our job throughout our learning is to help her find her sick patients. We have to add those patients to her Book of Boo Boos...
...diagnose them with Long double-o-itis...

...and make our rounds to check up on them. 
This is always a favorite friend in our classroom. 

We also learned about the short oo sound. Lookie the Explorer came to help get us engaged and excited about our new learning. 
We went on a hunt around the school for words that had her sound in them. 
...and we buried some words that did not have her sound. 
We also completed a few interactive sorts for independent practice throughout the week. 
I bought binoculars and compasses at The Dollar Tree to help set the stage a bit for our learning. They loved it!
You can find both of the vowel digraph oo packs here and here.  

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