Friday, May 6, 2016

Prefix freebies and Adverbs!

After wrapping up suffixes last week, this week was all about prefixes. We kept our focus just on prefixes un- and re-. 

I wanted to pop in real quick and share a few freebies with you all. 

Most of our activities were the same as the activities we did with suffixes. We started off by playing Match It. Each student got a base word card or a prefix card. They had to walk around the room to find their match. After finding their match, they added their new word to a pocket chart and described what their new word meant. Due to a major #picturefail on my part, you can read more about the game here.

Afterwards, we made these flip flap books ....
...and sorted base words by un- and re-. 

We also made these Pretty Prefix flowers by using the flower craft from my Addition and Subtraction Fun pack. 

After making their flowers, they had to choose two words and use them in a sentence. 

We also completed this Two in a Row sort. 
They had to circle the prefix and underline the base word. 

We also made these Flip Its. This activity is always such a favorite with my group of students!
Under each base word, they had to write the correct prefix. 

You can download this activity plus the sorts mentioned above here

And before I go, I wanted to share our adverb suns with you all. 
We do these every year,....and every year I think I love them more!

Happy weekend friends! 

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