Sunday, May 1, 2016

Suffix sorts with lots of freebies!

We have been working on suffixes over the past few weeks. Suffixes can be somewhat tricky for first graders, so having them apply the skills in as many hands on ways as possible....the better. 

I start our learning off with -ed and -ing. I introduce the rule with this flip anchor chart that was inspired by Amy Lemons a few years ago. 

After introducing the rules, I give each student a sticky note with a base word on it. The students read the word and sort them under the correct flip. This gets them up and moving. I also have them explain why they chose to put that word under that flap. 

You can read more about the chart here

Afterwards, we sort words into this flip flap book for independent practice. 

You can download the sort here

....and we make these Sunny Suffixes
You can download the suns here

For suffixes -er and -est, we made these flip books. 

We then switch over to suffixes -ful, -ly, and -y. We start off by discussing what these suffixes mean and match up base words to the correct suffixes. I gave each student a base word and suffix...they had to find their match. 

To get that independent practice in, we matched base words to the correct suffixes with these flip flap books

We also completed this Three in a Row journal activity. 

We also completed this Flip It activity. Students had to write the correct suffix under each flip. I love how this friend illustrated each word. This was not part of the directions, but I sure do love when they go above and beyond!

Now that we have wrapped up our suffix learning, we will start prefixes this week! 

Happy Sunday friends! 
I hope you all have a blessed week! 

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