Saturday, August 27, 2016

Back to School Read Alouds (Part 1)

Last week we hit the ground running with back to school read alouds. I am a huge believer in making time to read aloud books to our students. It is such a special moment for them. Seeing the excitement and expressions on their face is one of my very favorite times of our day. Just think...the read aloud that you provide to your students might just be the only book they have read to them all day. 

We started off listening to You're Finally Here by Melanie Watt on You Tube. Afterwards my students and I created an anchor chart with what took them so long to get here! 

Next, we completed this directed drawing by Amy Lemons. 
These turned out way too cute! It was a great way to discuss my expectations for listening and following directions.

We also read, Chrysanthemum and talked about how our names are each unique in their own way. We talked about the character traits of Chrysanthemum and wrapped things up with this activity from Michelle Oakes. 

Afterwards, students took this form home to complete with their families and bring back to school to celebrate their names. 
You can download this freebie here.

Next, we read my all time favorite, The Recess Queen, and sorted these cards on what makes a recess friend and what does not. 
We listed traits of Mean Jean, 
and wrote about why we are not a bully!  
You can find more Recess Queen activities here and a Facebook Live video here with ideas on how to use this book in your classroom. 

We talked about being bucket fillers by reading the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?. Afterwards, we listed ways to be a bucket filler and completed this writing activity by Amy Lemons. 

And to wrap up the week we read, If You Take a Mouse to School... 
and predicted what might happen if we brought a mouse to school. Their responses always make me laugh! Priceless!
You can download this reading response craftivity here.

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